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  1. Kevin DeShazo

    Smoked, jerk pork tenderloin.

    Been seeing a lot of posts lately of jerk being cooked and had a hankering for some pork tenderloin, so while I at Walmart this morn I picked up a twin pack of tenderloins and into some Grace's hot jerk marinade they go Let that sit in the fridge for a couple of hours then fired up the MES40...
  2. Kevin DeShazo

    Smoked salt

    Ive been thinking about making smoked salt and the little bit of research Ive done, I can either hot or cold smoke the salt. Ive also seen suggestions of using a cheap aluminum pan or a spatter screen to put the salt on in the smoker. Any thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions is appreciated
  3. Kevin DeShazo

    Chicken thighs in the MES

    Picked up a family pack of chicken thighs and wanted to toss them in the smoker for dinner. Rubbed the thighs with some S.P.O.G with chipotle powder Got the MES up to 225 and in the thighs went with some apple chips The thighs went in at 2p and when they hit about 155 or so hit them with a...
  4. Kevin DeShazo

    First jerky attempt

    Kids gave me some herky making stuff for Christmas, figured it was time to give it a try. Started out with some Cabelas sweet and spicy jerky seasoning and just over 3lbs of eye of round. Kids and I sliced it up yesterday and gave it a good mix with the seasoning and into the fridge it went...
  5. Kevin DeShazo

    MES wings

    Smoked up some wings on the MES this afternoon. Gave them a good rub of SPOG plus chipotle powder, then smoked the. about an hour and a half using apple wood chips. Later Ill toss them in a little wing sauce, onto the grill for a crisping and maybe another splash of wing sauce. Will bw chased...
  6. Kevin DeShazo

    Merry Christmas

    Merey Christmas my SC smoking brethern
  7. Kevin DeShazo

    Black tea, orange and bourbon brined smoked bird

    Tested a black tea, orange and bourbon brined turkey breast a month or so again, came out pretty good. Was a test run for today. Just finished today's bird and it looks amazing. It brined from Tuesday evening till this morn and went into the smoker about 1045a breast just hit 160. Smoked it...
  8. Kevin DeShazo

    Turkey test day

    So in years past we have done a orange, black tea and bourbon brine roasted turkey. Today, Im gonna smoke the brined turkey with some mequite and bourbon char. I looked for a not stupid expensive source for orange wood to no avail, so gonna try throwing some orange peel in with the wood chips...
  9. Kevin DeShazo

    Chili time in the MES

    Its started getting cooler in the Carolinas, which means time to make up a batch of chili in the smoker. Added the meat and spices to a ziplock bag and mixed them around and dumped the meat into an aluminum pan. The peeled and halved some onions. This is smoking step 1. Used mesquite and...
  10. Kevin DeShazo

    Orange wood chips

    Does anyone know of a source for orange wood chips to use in an MES? Have an orange, black tea and bourbon brine turkey I wanna try in the smoker. Thought using orange wood with a bit of bourbon char directly from a distillery would be quite delicious. Or what would be a good substitue to...
  11. Kevin DeShazo

    Been a while..

    Pulled a pork butt from the freezer the other day, gave it a good injection of apple juice, butter, rub and a "dash" of bourbon, then a good coat of mustard and heavy coat of S.P.O.G with a bit of chipotle powder. Got up this morn about 630, started up the smoker, at 275 today to give it a...
  12. Kevin DeShazo

    Chili names

    Alright, need some assistance from rather creative folks on here. We do an annual chili cookoff every year and Im trying to come up with a name for the chili. Basic characteristics is its a smoked chili with a hint of chipotle heat, made with stewmeat and both red and black beans. Both the stew...
  13. Kevin DeShazo

    Briskey yesterday, turkey breast today

    Did the small brisket yesterday which is all gone, now for a 6lb turkey breast over hickory chips for about 3.5-4 hrs. Just a little bit of rub for a bit of flavor, breast looked like it had a higher salt content.
  14. Kevin DeShazo

    Corned beef?

    My mother in law sent a piece of kosher corned beef home with my wife the other nite, 2.44 lbs of it. How would that turn out in the smoker or would I be better throwing that small a piece of meat in the oven? If I do smoke it, what would be the approx cook time, I know to go more by temp...
  15. Kevin DeShazo

    To inject or not?

    So still relatively new to the smoking game, officially have had my smoker for just over a year now and still learning each time I use it. So my question, should or shouldnt I be injecting my shoulders and bigger chunks of meat? I have a MES40 that I love and been turning out some decent...
  16. Kevin DeShazo

    Smoked Guiness brined wings and legs

    We are doing a Guiness brined turkey this year, so we decided to brine some legs and wings to smoke and collect the drippings for some gravy. 3.5 hours in the MES40 with a mix of hickory and apple wood with some bourbon barrel char. Brine has some apple cider in it, so why not some apple...
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