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  1. dave11

    Stubbs Charcoal

    I love Stubbs charcoal! It's the only thing I'll buy now! I like it better than Kingsford. Good for long smokes and grilling.Just like Fire it up said,no odor to it like Kingsford. And it seems to last longer.  
  2. dave11

    Does length matter?

  3. dave11

    Does length matter?

    That's what I was thinking,but I wasn't sure.From the research I've done,no one has been very clear on this.All most of them say is "The thermometer isn't very accurate". I just want to solve potential problems before I get started.I've never worked with a smoker this big before,and thought Id...
  4. dave11

    Does length matter?

    Can anyone tell me if the length of a thermometer matters? I want to build a UDS,and don't know if I should go with a short stem,or one about 10 inchs or so. Or does it even matter. Thanks in advance, Dave
  5. dave11

    Deep Fryed Turkey

    But this year,when I fry my turkey,I think Im gonna fry it in the house,in the living room,on top of the shag carpet.But dont worry,Ill put some news papers down so I dont ruin the carpet, and fill my fryer to the top so I know I have enough oil.Oh yeah, Ill have some gas on hand so I can...
  6. dave11

    Deep Fryed Turkey

    I have only fried about 4 turkeys In my life. Two of them came out very good,and two of them....not so good. I think that most of us can agree that this is the most informative board on the net(IMO) .But,in doing some research on frying turkeys today,one post I read said fry with legs...
  7. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Sounds like a good Idea! How long do you smoke it for? 1-2 hours maybe?
  8. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Ok here's the deal.The director let me pull it and put in crock pots to serve.We had 2 very large crock pots (commercial) A total of 49 people showed up.I told the director, how much time and effort I had put into this (free) BBQ, and thank the BBQ god's, she saw it my way. I laid out the...
  9. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Well Its been smoked,and now its in the oven to cook to 208.It really looks good. I would have taken some pics,but I cant find my camera.(This is what happens when you get old) I did get to taste some of the bark,It was very good. This BBQ is really gonna t me off If I have to do it her way. But...
  10. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Oh yeah, I forgot. I will post pics for your your education on how to f%#@ up a pork butt.
  11. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Here's the deal...We bought 36# of pork. The crowd keeps growing. Were now up to 35 people. And it will problry get bigger.I'm making all the sides too.So far we're in it for$130. If they charge $9.00 per plate,that's $315 in.$130 out.That's $185 in the clear.(Can...
  12. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Yes Its for some elederly people, and there will be sides. They dont want to over spend,because this is how they make extra money for the club house. Im not suer how much there charging for a plate.
  13. dave11

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    Im smoking pork butts for about 30 people this weekend. Were having pulled pork on buns. I want to make sure I have enough to go around. How many buts do I need?
  14. dave11

    Deep fried beer

    I heard this guy on the radio today. He says no one will ever figure out how to do this. I think he's wrong. http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/428360/ed-stansel/2010-08-27/fried-beer-ultimate-fair-food
  15. dave11

    Turkey wings

    I was wanting to grill some turkey wings today, but I've never grilled them before. Do I need to do anything special?
  16. dave11

    constructing the Porkabellobeef Burger

    I just bought a new Kingsford grill (barrel type) that I am very pleased with. I was wondering what to cook on it this weekend so I came to the smoking meat forums and ......BAM! I think ill try this! Thanks for the post! Those burgers look good!
  17. dave11

    Bison Burgers

    I have been on a mission to find some Bison here in Hudson Fl. The local butcher had some,but he wanted $8.00 a pound for it. He also wanted me to buy a minimum of 28 pounds of the stuff. That comes to a grand total of $224. I just wanted to try the stuff,and see if I liked it or not. While...
  18. dave11

    Store bought rubs

    I use Weber gourmet burger on all my beef. We like it a lot.If you want to grill some chicken, you can't go wrong with Weber kickin' chicken! This stuff is unbeliveable! I have only found it at walmart.
  19. dave11

    Chilly Recipes

    We tryed this turkey chili recpie and It was great!!! We love it. Thanks
  20. dave11

    Q-View Continued

    I thought that was spam! LOL If it will fit in the smoker try it right? How is it.Ive never tried that. I know I like it fried.
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