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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    Putting the spice on when they are wet sounds like a good idea. I actually sprinkled some spice on early in the smoke hoping it would stick. It helped a little. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    I will calibrate my light sprinkle up some for the next batch. He he
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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    I am am about half way through a batch where I added 1/4 tsp of cayenne. So far I can't tell the difference, but I see how they turn out. Thanks.
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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    I am going to make another batch soon and I would like to add some heat to the almonds. Any suggestions on how to add some heat without going overboard?
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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    Funny this was replied to today. I just made another batch today! The few samples I tried were very good.
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    Rethinking Smoked Almonds

    I am really glad I found this post yesterday, my wife brought home a bag of almonds and I figured I would try smoking them. Just like others have said, my past attempts have been lacking to say the least. My only regret is that I only smoked half the bag of almonds. I will definitely be doing...
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    MES owners - question about your door seal

    I also wipe down my seal  and where it seals against the unit every now and then to clean it.  But like others have said, take the free one and see what happens when you replace it.
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    Masterbuilt headache

    I will admit I was a little worried when I first got my MES 40 hearing all the stories.  But the one time I did have a problem I PM'ed the Masterbuilt guy on this board and he helped me out with no problems.  I would give the MES 40 a look though.  Sooner or later you will have company and you...
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    New to smoking

    I believe mine came with a piece of paper basically saying what TDwester said.  Run it for a few hours and throw some chips in.  You will find that this site has tons of information on just about everything you will need to know.  I have found quite a few recipes that have turned out very well...
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    Nice Ribeyes from our local high dollar butcher!

    I won a monthly drawing at a local meat market for $100. 2 ribeyes and 2 lobster tails + about $10-$20.  It was really really good, but I just can't imagine paying that on a regular basis. 
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    Doing a small butt today for the game tonight.(BOOMER SOONER)

    I am trying a butt (~7lbs) for the 1st time today on my MES today.  I am going for pulled pork, so I guess I have plenty of time also since it went in around 9am.
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    problems sending PM

    I just had this happen when using Firefox on a very short PM.  I ended up having to use Internet Explorer to send the message.  Also in Firefox I was not getting the blinking cursor, it was pretty strange.
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    ET-73 data to a laptop

    Not an engineer, just a good guesser! I do like the idea of intercepting the data on the existing receiver.  But that sounds like the fastest way to let the smoke out and turn my new toy into a brick.  The reality is that if I don't jump on this quick I will forget about it and just start...
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    ET-73 data to a laptop

    It just sounds like something to try and see if I could do it.  Last weekend I was tempted to bring home a handful of gear from work and temperature map my MES.  Why?  I am not really sure, maybe because I could.  I ended up not doing it that weekend, but I still might.  I work in a test and...
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    ET-73 data to a laptop

    This is an interesting idea and I will have to look into it.  I just ordered my ET-73 this weekend :) http://www.futurlec.com/Radio-433MHZ.shtml   This site might help.
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    Getting ready to smoke my 1st butt this weekend. --- Now with QVIEW! :)

    I am actually going on a dive trip to the Philippines next month. Turns out I waited to long and did not get a butt to smoke.  But I ended up with 3 racks of baby back's and they are smoking now.
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    Getting ready to smoke my 1st butt this weekend. --- Now with QVIEW! :)

    I was thinking the same thing this weekend, I am just hoping it is worth the work and the time.  I am still deciding if I should stay up late or just start very early.  I usually like to sleep in on the weekends, but between scuba diving and smoking it has not always worked out. I am going to...
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    MES 40" from Sams online

    Most people on here say to leave the vent full open while cooking, something to do about creosote and making things taste bad.  But if it is working for you I guess don't worry about it. As far as what to do next.....  Just look through the forums and see what sounds good.  Also look at the...
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    MES 40" from Sams online

    You can look at the metal tag on the back upper left of the unit and see what the watt rating is, the new smokers will say 1200 watt's.  I have had mine for a few months now and have not had any problems, but I am usually around 235-245 deg.  I am still adding chips about every 1/2 hour, but...
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