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  1. thatcho

    Thanksgiving Smoked Turkey Service Help

    So they would be ready to pick up on Turkey day? So u would smoke day prior? Asking cause i was asked to do some
  2. thatcho

    Assistance please

    Oh, man that is Awesome!! Thank you. Now I will be able to get moving a lil sooner.
  3. thatcho

    Assistance please

    It does pretty good though.
  4. thatcho

    Assistance please

    The frame will stay for now as a stabilizer, wanting the fire box on opposite side of where handle is. Smoke stack will be on side where handle is there is plans for a vertical cabinet on same side as stack.
  5. thatcho

    Assistance please

    82 inches long by 36 inches round. Main cooking grate 60 inches long by 32 wide.
  6. thatcho

    Assistance please

    I am purchasing a smoker from a church and have zero knowledge of building a smoker. So with that said where would you modify first? It is propane fueled so tossing in wood chunks is how they got the smoke. I obviously would want a firebox ASAP and use the propane to rig up as a log lighter...
  7. Assistance please

    Assistance please

  8. IMG_0070.PNG


  9. IMG_0068.PNG


  10. thatcho

    Brisket for 25 People

    Thank you chef jimmy
  11. thatcho

    Brisket for 25 People

    If i can jump in here so with that equation i am looking at 62lbs for 100 people?
  12. thatcho

    I just finished a 150 person event...first time ever

    Congratulations on your success.
  13. thatcho

    Folks in New Mexico are serious about their chilie!

    Chile in Pueblo, Colorado is better and we are just as serious.
  14. thatcho

    2 whole pigs on a cinder block pit and a 20 year marine corps reunion

    Looks like a Hell of reunion. Did u line the inside of pit with foil? And how does the plywood work as a lid? I just built a cinder block pit and have a 100lb hog coming on Friday. Thanks for any info
  15. thatcho

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    Mr. T I have a question about some new cheese I came across. It is a hard semi soft How would I attempt to wax this or should I.
  16. IMG_0023.PNG


  17. thatcho

    Hobart Model 1612 Meat Slicer

    Found a 1612 but the guy said sharpener is attached.. does assemble for storage like that
  18. thatcho

    Thoughts on Pricing for Smoking

    Will do Thanks for the info. I am on a local Facebook page dedicated to the local restaurants and small food trucks in our area. The Administrator of the page buys my smoked cheese so i dropped him some pulled pork belly and cole slaw with 2 types of bbq sauces. I hope he gives a positive...
  19. Thoughts on Pricing for Smoking

    Thoughts on Pricing for Smoking

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