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  1. HarleySmoker417

    Second ever cook video finally posted.

    so I finally got around to editing the video of my second cook and just uploaded it. please take a look and let me know what you think.
  2. HarleySmoker417

    First Cook Video

    finally got the First Cook Video edited and uploaded.
  3. HarleySmoker417

    Attempt number two

    No my first attempt was okay wasn't quite a hundred percent happy with it so we're doing attempt number to today.
  4. HarleySmoker417

    YouTube Learning Curve

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents, OK so I was just made aware last night that all of my Videos stopped at 5:01... after delving into this I found the issues and it was a PEBCAC error. I have exported all of my vids again and re-uploaded them in their entirety. Please stop by and let me know what...
  5. HarleySmoker417

    Finale outcome of the first cook

    First what you guys are looking for, I think I might have gone a little heavy on the rub didn't get as much smoke penetration as I was looking for. I did have a minimal Smoke Ring once I started shredding into it but only on the shank end. I think that this might also be due to the...
  6. HarleySmoker417

    First cook on.... Need some advice

    So I have my firs cook going but having issue getting the temp to stabilize, first she runs at over three hund, now I can't get her back up to 250....suggestions?
  7. HarleySmoker417

    Question after seasoning burn

    OK, so my drum held pretty consistent with only a 10 degree swing, however after the first of the three hours I was not seeing any smoke (even TBS) and once I shut her down and looked inside most of my chunck was still there, I put four pieces on(2 apple 2pecan) and there was still the two pecan...
  8. HarleySmoker417

    Home just in time!

    She made it home!!
  9. HarleySmoker417

    Second video going up

    What's going on... So If you missed it before I am starting a youtube channel for Novice smokers such as myself. I am posting the second video in about an hour so please stop by and check it out. would like the feed back of the peps that have been at it for a while and Ideas for Videos are...
  10. HarleySmoker417

    Starting a Youtube channel to Chronicle my adventures.

    Good evening all, I have decided to create a YouTube channel to Chronicle my adventures in Smoking. You ALL get an honorable mention so stop by and take a look; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFwMeMWpRw2OEq3xFDjBKw I am creating this for other Newbies round here and all over so we can learn...
  11. HarleySmoker417

    Question about wrapping

    I know you can use it on a offset smoker but can you use butcher paper on a UDS or am I stuck with aluminum foil?
  12. HarleySmoker417


    I have ordered the last of the needed parts for a UDS that friend is building me for a Bday present. this will be my first serious smoker so I have a few Questions about when I get it. he is recycling the drum and burning it out three times, do I still need to season it when I get it? do you...
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