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  1. msmith

    Thanksgiving Pig

    Yeah I know its turkey day but I would rather have something diffrent. Got this little rooter from the piney woods of east tx over the weekend. Had it brining overnight in a 50/50 mix of apple juice and water. Coated it with evoo and rubbed down with jeffs rub. Put it on the smoker at 4:30 this...
  2. msmith

    Lost Sheep Checking In

    Well it's been a long time since I checked in and looks like iv'e missed a lot. I think that I remember how to smoke and will find out today for sure. Looking forward to being around more often and catching back up with everyone. Hope that everyone has a happy thanksgiving and looking forward to...
  3. msmith

    Welcome New Members

    Just wanted to say welcome to all new members, havent been able to post for a while and see theres been a lot of new faces. Jump in with both feet the smoke is thin and blue and plenty to share. Check out Jeffs 5 day e-course and read all you can. You have found the best smoking forum around...
  4. msmith

    Hey Friends

    Finally got a chance to say hi and have really missed everyone. I have been moving and have not had access to the internet. Hopefully I will have that fixed in the next couple of weeks. I hope each and everyone here has a merry christmas and a Happy new yr.
  5. msmith

    Happy Birthday Tulsa Jeff

    Happy Birthday hope you have a great smoke filled day.
  6. msmith

    Another Way To Chat

    I was just wandering how many members have sprint/nextel phones with direct connect. Thought it would be cool to be able to hear each other instead of typing. Its nation wide and free dont cost any phone minutes either. Just something to kick around what do yall think.
  7. msmith

    Welcome All New Members

    I haven't been on here in a while due to p.c problems and see we have a lot of new members. I would like to welcome all of you aboard glad to have you with us. Jump right on in the smoke is thin and blue and plenty of it. If you haven't signed up for Jeffs e-course yet give it a shot. Its full...
  8. msmith

    Welcome All Newbies

    My computer has been down for a few days thanks to my ISP now I see we have a lot of new members. Welcome aboard we are glad to have you join us. Check out Tulsa Jeff's 5 day e-course it's loaded with valuable info to help get you started. Pull up a seat grab you'r favorite cold one and enjoy.
  9. msmith

    Happy Birthday Desert Smoking

    Hope you have a very smoky day and many more to come.
  10. msmith

    Did a little smoking yesterday too

    Had to try out some new toys that I just had to have to see how they worked. Got me a couple of rib racks a double bird can butt thingy and 2 jap holders. Did a total of 15 racks of ribs 1 10lb tenderloin 30 abts skillet full of baked beans 2 2lb hunks of bolonga 1 butt can chicken and let me...
  11. msmith

    Rib Question

    Have any of you ever heard of Pork Roast Western Style Ribs. Krogers here has them on sale for $ 1.99 lb. This is the first time I have ever seen them was just wandering if they would be worth trying, I'm thinking they would probably turn out dry and not be worth the time spent cooking them. Are...
  12. msmith

    Happy Birthday SALBAJE GATO and Pappy59

    Happy Birthday hope yall have a good one.
  13. msmith

    Happy Birthday DeejayDebi

    Happy Birthday Debi hope you have a wonderful Day.
  14. msmith

    Where's Gunslinger

    I haven't seen Gunslinger on here in several weeks has anyone talked to him lately. It's not like him to just drop out of sight I hope all is well with him and his family.
  15. msmith


    I was scrolling down the main page and I see the Frapper map when did this take place. It took me by suprise thought something was wrong with my computer.
  16. msmith

    Totally far from smoking

    I guess that I'm for one either crazy or going thru male menapause but I sold my other play toy today. Ive had it for 20 yrs and just lost interest in it. I guess tomorrow reality will set in and I will wonder why I let it go but heres a couple of pics.
  17. msmith

    Back on Top

    Just had a cord of seasoned pecan wood delivered and stacked now I can throw this crappy hickory away and get back to some real smoking.
  18. msmith

    Rain, Rain and more Rain

    Looks like I will have to smoke in the rain again dang the luck. Started raining here about 2 hrs ago and looks like for the rest of the weekend. Anybody else out there having the same good luck as me.
  19. msmith

    Smoked Cabbage

    Well I couldn't find my original post so here goes. Use a medium sized head for tenderness. Core out the center but not all the way thru drop in 2 tbsp water or vinegar. Either use real bacon bits or chop up some bacon and drop in then salt and pepper and stuff full of stick butter the more the...
  20. msmith

    Yesterdays Smoke

    Well as usually these days just when I get the smoker up to temp here comes the rain. Draped a tarp over the barrel and let the smoke flow. Did a 14lb brisket along with a 7 lb pork butt and 10 lb picnic and 2 heads of cabbage.
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