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  1. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

    OK, I put two boneless shoulders in the smoker last night at midnight.  smoker has held a steady 225-230 for the last 14 hours.  My internal temps are about 160 each...stoker is projecting ANOTHER 6 hours until done?  Ive had pork plateau before, but its taken the last 6 hours to come up 20...
  2. calebstringer

    "Stadium Style" Brat recipe

    Hey guys! has anybody come across a recipe for "Johnsonville Stadium Style" brats?  Its one of my favorites, but I want to make them myself! much more fun that way! Thanks! Caleb
  3. calebstringer

    Stoker vs Guru

    Whats everybody's recommendation? Here's what I want to use it for.  I'm building a stumps clone right now.  So I will be hooking the fan up to the ball valve which controls my air intake/ fire.  I LOVE the fact that the stoker can connect to my interwebs for easy temp monitoring. I don't need a...
  4. calebstringer

    Bacon Weave.....

    Hey everyone! got a question.  made a couple fatty's a few weeks ago, everything was great!  Here's a my problem.  I want to make the weave bigger than the length of the strips of bacon, all the while keeping the appearnce that its still one piece.  Whats the best way to do this so it still ...
  5. calebstringer

    Sausage/Bacon/Pepperoni Pizza ---- q view!

    Well, I didnt find an exact pizza forum, but since It was mostly pork/sausage on mine, I figured Id post it here.  I made two pizzas, Mine was the title, and my wifes was roma tomatoes, cilantro, diced tomatoes w/ green chili's, and pepperoni and cheese of course.  The crusts were kroger brand...
  6. calebstringer

    Another newb

    Hola everybody!  Just signed up, chefrc told me to swing on over and say howdy.  Im actually looking out the window as I type this at my smoker, with a little 7lb brisket goin low and slow...mmmmm Looking to learn a bunch! later! Caleb
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