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  1. paul nj shore

    Laughing my stupidity...

    I put the pellets on a plate for 2 min take it out and mix them up the plate is nice and hot let it sit then doit again. the same with sawdust . I bought a little fan looks like a iPhone with a little hole at the top I use to help when burning sawdust . I have a Smoking- it #4 Which I enlarged...
  2. paul nj shore

    Pellet Smoke Smell in Microwave

    maybe try concentrated oils
  3. paul nj shore

    Chicken Paprikash

    But desserts were my fav. poppyseed, walnut loaf, horseshoe cookies and lekvar all sour cream sweet dough and they never changed :emoji_blush:
  4. paul nj shore

    Chicken Paprikash

    My Grandmother used a pot with the lid on top of the stove on low heat and would shake the pot once in a while she also used green bell pepper and campbell tomato soup ( which I know she didn't have in the old country) sour cream added at the end served with drop dumplings. I've tried many ways...
  5. paul nj shore

    Best/easy way to mix rubs?

    Yeah, chef jimmy is right low speed. Thinking about it I would try the dough hook first
  6. paul nj shore

    Best/easy way to mix rubs?

    paddle attachment using your mixer ?
  7. paul nj shore

    Smoking on a gas grill?

    Hey , Larry I got your message about getting my message so heres my message again :) I'm 72yrs not too comp. savey when I red your post I thought about my #1 and thought you might not be too far from me I live in Manchester over 55yrs. comm. the smoker & cart $250 its not on the market...
  8. paul nj shore

    Smoking on a gas grill?

    Larry I have a Smoke-it #1 with the stainless cart if your interested it mostly sits after I bought the #4
  9. paul nj shore

    Costco pork bellies

    Does anyone know if there is any salt or cure in costco pork bellies ? I made a pancetta and it was sooo salty and i am 99% sure I followed the recipe and I always scale everything TIA Paul
  10. paul nj shore

    Strong recommendation: USE A DIMMER plug for electric cold smoker attachment!

    Dave I bought that unit YEECO my question is can I just wire it between the smoker and the receptacle using a extension chord and turning the thermostat to the highest setting ? I have a smoking it #4 TIA Paul
  11. paul nj shore

    Sous Vide

    I have those printed 1 lb. closed bottom chub plastic bags and I was wondering if I could just su vi them in the chub ? It seems that it would be too easy :rolleyes: TIA Paul
  12. paul nj shore

    Making dust from pellets...

    Timing !!! :)
  13. paul nj shore

    Smokin-it 3 NLA ???

    I agree I have a #4 and my auber stays on the kitchen counter due to the #4 is uncovered outside Paul
  14. paul nj shore

    Sundried Tomato, Banana Pepper, Colby-Jack Fatty w/ How To Pics

    Great job ! But there `s NO WAY those sausages would have made it to the end of the cook !!!
  15. paul nj shore

    First Big Event

    If you were at a buffet it would all be covered using a steam table so your 150 sounds good to me
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