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  1. HalfSmoked

    Sad Day at HalfSmokes House

    I've seen this posted by other members and I feel for them. Now it will be our turn at HalfSmokes house. Today we have an appointment with the vet to put one of family friends to sleep. Very sad but she is 19 years old and has lived a great life. Has traveled even spend time in the Virgin...
  2. HalfSmoked

    No Excuse Here Is Your Notice

    One of The Ladies favorite days of the year is this Friday so here is your notice so you don't forget VALENTINES DAY So no excuse plenty of time to plan a nice cook or take her out. Warren
  3. HalfSmoked

    Missing china

    I just don't understand how it happens. I will be missing some of my china and when the members of the forum make a post it will show up???? Warren
  4. HalfSmoked

    Old Bay

    Well if your from Maryland you know all about Old Bay and Maryland to be exact Baltimore is the beginning home of Old Bay. Now there is something new coming from the Old Bay line in about 30 days they will be selling Old Bay Hot Sauce. Warren
  5. HalfSmoked

    PA Fall Gathering Dates for The 4th Gathering

    Don't want to step on the spring fling that IH is having and hope a lot of you are planning to attend as I am. But if you are like me and like to plan well in advance here are the dates for the fall gathering at pc farmer's. October 2nd - 4th, 2020 Hope to see everyone again and some new faces...
  6. HalfSmoked

    On Sale Now

    Those of you who would like to do a double smoked spiral ham Bear style can find them on sale. Both Food Lion and Giant foods have them at a $1.19 per LB. Stock up the freezer deal. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy new Year's as well. Warren
  7. HalfSmoked

    Cheese So What is Your Favorite Kind?

    Not sure this is in the right place so moderators please move it. I have never seen this one asked if it was I missed it. Mine is the sharper the better then next would be a sharp swiss then a hot pepper jack so what is yours. Warren
  8. HalfSmoked

    The Way To Cook A Turkey

    This question seems to come up very often so here it is the PROPER WAY TO COOK A TURKEY Hope this solves the problem for everyone Warren
  9. HalfSmoked

    INKBIRD Review

    I was fortunate to receive a INKBIRD IHT - 1p Digital Thermometer to review. First INKBIRD thank you for this opportunity. I find this to be a very fine instrument with a high quality of accuracy. It has a plus or minus of 1 degree C plus or minus of 2 degrees F. It is very easy to calibrate...
  10. HalfSmoked

    Just Some More Butts

    I know we have all seen plenty of butts but I got elected to do some for wife's family get together. Bought them at $1.29 lb. another store the week before knowing I would have this to do had them at $.99 lb. My kind of luck. There have been many questions on doing pork butts and what you end...
  11. HalfSmoked

    Meat Sale

    If you have a Save - a - Lot in your area they have eye round for $2.99 lb. this week. Also whole pork butts for $1.29 lb. A change added to this Acme has turkey breast this week $.99 Warren
  12. HalfSmoked

    Mock Crab cakes (made with zucchinni)

    Awhile back Bearcarver posted a Blueberry Zucchini Bread and I made mention of the mock crab cakes. Several have asked for this recipe and I had to look for. Well I found it and here it is. Sorry I don't have any pictures of them being made but it is a straight forward recipe. This for sure is a...
  13. HalfSmoked

    It's not Smoked and it"s not BBQ but it"s Dang Good

    Had boat out with grandson and we had a bit of luck. Watch your toes No beer in this keg That's not blue smoke that's steam Yup they turn orange when steamed Little boss checking out the finish product Sorry no photos of the kids eating them or me for that matter just...
  14. HalfSmoked

    ABT'S with Sweet banana Peppers

    Just picked my first peppers of this year and when you have peppers it's time for ABT'S. Very simple and easy. The collection of peppers Remove the seeds and white membrane All ready for the next step Mixed cream cheese with some Tony's Peppers filled with cream cheese...
  15. HalfSmoked


    I have had these many times in Apple Bee's they are a very popular item on their menu. Have never seen them in any store then a local store called Save A Lot ran an add of 10lb box for $10.00 that's right a $1.00 per ib. Sound like a sale to me so I bought a box frozen in 1 10lb block...
  16. HalfSmoked

    A True Pit Beef by HalfSmoke

    I did a post a couple years ago on this but here's todays father's day dinner for the kids and me (dad) a whole sirloin tip. whole sirloin tip trimmed ready for marinade marinade mixed in fridge with marinade over night my stash of pear wood which I will use for smoke and fire...
  17. HalfSmoked

    Giant Food's Sale

    Whole packer briskets $2.00 lb and BB ribs $2.00 lb. Time to stock up BBQ'ers Warren
  18. HalfSmoked

    What ya cooking

    So what is your plans for a Easter Smoking. I'm doin Butt for PP, ribs and a brisket. With Gary's bake beans, mac and cheese, deviled eggs and not sure what else yet but for sure plenty of desserts. Warren
  19. HalfSmoked

    I'm Confused

    Not hard to do to an old man is confuse him. But where is this world going? Our younglings are not now taught long hand writing in school and they can't read it either. The world of computers doesn't do long hand. So no need to teach it. Next the younglings can not read a clock with hands on...
  20. HalfSmoked

    brisket sale

    Walmart has briskets for$2.96 lb. Warren
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