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  1. woody

    BBQ for the Cause! (With Q-View)

    Thanks Al. Firefighters, police, state workers and teachers will get hit by this bill.
  2. woody

    BBQ for the Cause! (With Q-View)

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  4. woody

    BBQ for the Cause! (With Q-View)

    Folks, going to interject a little politics into my barbeque. I'm a teacher in Ohio. I, along with 300,000 other people in this state are under attack by our legislators who seek to destroy my union's ability to advocate for me so I can advocate for my students. As teachers, we're the first to...
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  6. woody

    Picnic shoulder...first time..

    Thanks. Mine has the bone in, not the roast version. Yours looks good, hopefully mine will turn out the same way.
  7. woody

    Picnic shoulder...first time..

    Went to the store yesterday, no pork butts to be had! So I picked up a picnic shoulder. On the smoker since about 5 am. Anyone have any experience with it? How does it pull?
  8. woody

    fill'er up!

    where are ya in ohio? I'm in columbus.
  9. woody

    Smoked Chicken enchiladas

    Chucksters? Never heard of it. WHat is it?
  10. woody

    Chicken Wings, smoking how long?

    Thanks, I think they're gonna be on a little longer than that, so I guess better safe than sorry. That sounds good, but I don't think the hot sauce bit would be kid-friendly. This kid would love 'em though!
  11. woody

    Chicken Wings, smoking how long?

    Doing one piece chicken wings, smokin' em with some cherry wood. How long should I do it? Got em' closer to the firebox (brinkman with an offset)
  12. woody

    Just the Surf no Turf

    Nice. Wonder if anyone's tried to smoke lobster?
  13. woody

    Hello from Delaware, Ohio!

    Howdy from Columbus. I've had my smoker a while now, and they don't have much of a selection during the winter months. Interestingly enough, GFS sells hardwood charcoal, about 16 lb bags for pretty cheap...haven't had the time to go out and buy and try tho.
  14. woody

    Smokin' on a Sunday

    Butt went on at 5:15 this AM. TBS coming through the chimmney. Haven't smoked in looong time.....feels good.
  15. woody

    Have you ever used Frontier Brand Charcoal?

    HOwdy folks, just threw on a butt, and I've been picking up Frontier brand Charcoal for a while now. It's lump and the stuff is heavy, natural hardwood. It's very dense, they sell the stuff in 10lb bags, but the bags aren't as packed as Royal Oak or Cowboy Charcoal, for example. Some of the...
  16. woody

    Anyone for a little Meatloaf??

    Meowey-- You read my mind...I was looking for a 'loaf recipe, so I used yours. I used turkey instead of beef, (my wife doesn't eat beef or pork, but that is an entirely different post) and I'm on track for everything. I'm also doing your peppers and dutch's wicked beans. Mmm....I am hungry...
  17. woody

    Saturday Smoke

    That windbreak is really cool. I'd like one of those, but if I tried to build it, not only would it not look right, it would take up half my backyard.
  18. woody

    I need help (Brisket Rub)

    Thank you!!!!
  19. woody

    I need help (Brisket Rub)

    I saw a recipe for a brisket rub earlier on here today, can't seem to find it, even with the search function, it had old bay, chili powder, kosher salt and stuff. Help!
  20. woody

    Official SMF 1st Member Gathering Poll

    I'm interested, but in OH. Where exactly is it going to be (state,city) so I can GoogleMap it?
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