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  1. jhend

    Cloth Summer Sausage Bags

    Nice job Dave looks yummy
  2. jhend

    Cloth Summer Sausage Bags

    Don't know if anyone is following this thread but I have purchased these summer sausage bags and they work very well. Good quality and reasonable. The seller is in London Ontario...
  3. jhend

    First time smoking venison summer sausage with complete recipe and how to guide

    I use butter milk and hang in at room temp for a day or 2 by the they are dry enough to smoke. Then hang at 8 - 10 degrees 75% humidity until 30% of green weight is lost or your preference of dryness is reached.
  4. jhend

    First time smoking venison summer sausage with complete recipe and how to guide

    Keep us posted as to how it goes. Are you hot smoking or cold smoking?
  5. jhend

    Making Jarlsberg Style cheeses

    Hey Dave how did the Jarlsberg turn out? I have made many cheeses but no Jarlsberg as of yet. John
  6. jhend

    My first summer sausage

    I see a few recipes, which one did you use?
  7. jhend

    Fermenting summer sausage

    You can use butter milk as a started as well.
  8. jhend

    My first summer sausage

    If you want it like a true summer sausage you need to hang it to dry around 8 to 10 degrees and 80% humidity.
  9. jhend

    My Summer Sausage Problem

    If you used muslin bags they need to be soaked in water before stuffing to prevent the meat from sticking to the cloth. This link may be of some help. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/summer-sausage-in-muslin-bags.176286/
  10. jhend

    Smoke Pork Tenderloin up to what Temperature before pulling from smoker?

    I do 145  IT then rest as well. But 145 to 150 will still be nice and juicy anything less is to raw for me.
  11. jhend

    Cloth Summer Sausage Bags

    Thanks for posting the link Justin.
  12. jhend

    Whole pig rotisserie?

    Thanks for the heads up FWIsmoker
  13. jhend

    Whole pig rotisserie?

    Hey Al, I would be interested in the whole pig on a spit thread if you can find it. Thanks John
  14. jhend

    Summer sausage "skin" is tough

    Yes that may help.
  15. jhend

    Summer sausage "skin" is tough

    Did you hang them to dry before or after smoking and can you post a picture?
  16. jhend

    Drying rack

    Thanks for sharing your drawing Stayhot.
  17. jhend

    Drying rack

    Click on the paperclip to insert attachment. John
  18. jhend

    Home made maple syrup.... MONEY 2-26-16

    Big picture global syrup production very interesting.  http://www.bnn.ca/Shows/Commodities.aspx
  19. jhend

    Mr. T's "Old-Timey Baked Beans"

    They look great AK
  20. jhend

    Buffalo Wings!

    Those look really good. Is that a blue cheese dip?
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