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  1. shannon127

    Anyone looking for a great stuffer? Sausage Stuffer For Sale

    First, I want to say this is not my stuffer and I don't know the seller.  Happened to log in to Ebay and saw this 5# TSM stuffer for sale.  This is the older model with black nylon resin gears.  IMHO the resin gears are better than metal, as they are just as strong but operate much smother. ...
  2. shannon127

    Grind then Cure or Cure then Grind

    We started to discuss this in another posting, but thought it deserved it own thread.  Do you prefer to cure your meat before or after grinding? If you answer the poll, please also comment as to why you do it the way you do. 
  3. shannon127

    His fate is in your hands!! Poll, vote quickly, there is not much time

    The rewards of some fortuitous sausage sharing
  4. shannon127

    Finocchietto with pictures. I love this Salame

    I made this Finocchietto 4 weeks ago, and it is finally ready.  I have some work to do on its appearance, but it tastes way better than Columbus brand salame. I think I will start the mold growth as soon as I stuff it next time. I will definitely cut the fat a bit smaller next time...
  5. shannon127

    Kiszka From Start to Finish With Pictures--Polish Blood Sausage

    I was finally able to find some pig's blood at the local Korean market.  Not sure why I never looked there before, but that is another story.  Many people hear blood sausage and immediately get squeamish.  I reality, you eat blood sausage all the time.  The difference is blood is not the main...
  6. shannon127

    Bauernschinken ( Peasant's Ham) --Made with a Picnic

    I made this Ham for Christmas.  It cured for 3 weeks then cold smoked every other 3rd day for 3 weeks.  Finally I let it hang for 2 weeks to help equalized the salt.  I could not be more pleased with the results.  Will never buy another hame from the store.  This was outstanding!!  Here is...
  7. shannon127


    The latest batch of Kabanosy is out of the smoker.  Here are some pictures and a recipe.  The first batch as the came out of the water pot. A closeup of the twist.  Read somewhere on here that you cannot twist collagen casings. These are 22mm collagen casings, they really stand up well...
  8. shannon127

    Hüttenspeck --- Cottage Bacon--with Pics

    Thought I would share some pictures of my latest attempt to make Hüttenspeck.  It German style bacon made from pork loin.  It is a very simple recipe as it only has salt, cure #2, white and brown sugar, pepper and garlic.  Once I get the recipe to a point where I am satisfied, I will be sure to...
  9. shannon127

    Now I have seen it all!!! ---Pork Roll---Pics

    I am pretty sure this is the 8th sign of the Apocalypse. How is that for a Pork Roll Jersey folks?
  10. shannon127

    Irish Bacon-Pictures and Recipe

    Hello All, I finished up a batch of Irish Bacon last week, but did not get time to post the results.  I wish I had taken pictures along the way, but here is the recipe and some pictures of the finished product Irish Bacon (Rashers) MeatsGr/KgActualRatioPork...
  11. shannon127

    Kielbasa start to finish for Chef Jimmy

    I just dropped some Kielbasa to Chef Jimmy for his expert opinion. I figured I would post the recipe and step by step pictures of the process for other to use. KielbasaMeatsGr/KgActualRatiopork (picnic 75%)10001800.01.8Kosher Salt1730.61.8Cure # Black Pepper23.61.8Minced...
  12. shannon127

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello all, I am new to this site, but have been making sausages and curing meat since my teens.  I used to help my great uncle make Kielbasa and Kabanos just about every fall weekend from 14 until he died when I was 19.  I have always had an appreciation for traditional methods and the tastes...
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