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  1. eddiememphis

    Apocalypse Tri-Tip

    Went to my local supermarket. They are not restocking the shelves so they can clean the entire store on Monday. I wanted beef short ribs. Nope. How 'bout a lil tri-tip? Sold! Dry brined with kosher salt and a little bit of sugar. Added Black pepper, garlic & onion. A little smoked paprika...
  2. eddiememphis

    Camp Chef Charwood

    A new Sportsman's Warehouse opened in my neighborhood. I was wandering around today and found some Camp Chef Charwood pellets, Hickory or Cherry. $12.50 for a 20 pound bag. Not too bad of a price. Anyone have any experience with them? I figure for that price, I won't feel too bad dumping them...
  3. eddiememphis

    Costco or Sam's

    Both wholesale clubs seem to have good deals on meat. Costco is $60 per year, Sam's $45. I have searched around a bit and can't find an answer so I figured I'd ask everyone which they prefer, and why.
  4. eddiememphis

    Humidity and Pellet smokers

    I live in Denver where there is very low humidity (it's 27% right now, often much less). I have read the tiny, tasty little smoke particles adhere to food much better in a humid environment. Due to heat and the fan in the GMG, I am guessing there is very little humidity inside my grill. I have...
  5. eddiememphis

    Turkey Legs

    Brined boid Dried boid Rubbed boid Cooked boid Resting boid Delicious boid!
  6. eddiememphis

    Rib Roast cooked like a Brisket?

    I don't like rare beef. I purchased a rib roast and will put it in the smoker but wonder is anyone has cooked it like a brisket? Slowly bring it up, let that big blob of fat render internally, making the meat super tasty. What does a fatty piece like a rib eye turn into after 12 hours @225°?
  7. eddiememphis

    Fireplace Sirloin

    It's 26° and snowing outside. I want a steak. It is as much fun to grill indoors as out. Angus choice. Dry brined on both sides then a light beef rub, heavy on black pepper and garlic. I use the chimney starter to get some coals going in the fireplace. That looks hot. Place an old...
  8. eddiememphis

    Smoke Bomb Fish and Sticks

    I learned about smoke bombs from Rob Rainford. He used to have a show on my local PBS station many years ago. A handful of chips in a foil pack with a hole poked in it on a propane grill= smoke bombs! I dry brined the salmon with kosher salt and sugar. Sprinkled with onion and garlic...
  9. eddiememphis

    Chim Chimney

    Chim chim cher-oo... ... Old guys with kids will get the reference. I own a third floor condo. Can't have a charcoal grill so both Webers are in storage. Can't have a 20 pound propane bottle, so my Charmglow is at my buddy's house. Fire department and the evil HOA hasn't said anything about...
  10. eddiememphis

    Short Ribs

    Cold today but, gotta smoke! Dry brined the bones last night. Rubbed this morning. Finally hot Temperature was fluctuating wildly- it was windy and snowing. I tossed an old* Army blanket on it to try to keep the cold wind out. Made some slaw in the mean time. That's a pound...
  11. eddiememphis


    Dry brine with kosher salt and sugar for about three hours. Dry for an hour to form the pellicle. Smoked at 150° for an hour then bumped it up to 205° until internal temp was 138°. Turned out tasty. 205° was a little too hot as evidenced by the albumen (white protein squeezed out...
  12. eddiememphis

    Pit Boss Charcoal Pellets

    Just saw a guy on youtube talking about these. Has anyone tried them? I may pick up a bag tomorrow at Wal-Mart. $8.88 for 20 pounds.
  13. eddiememphis

    Flank Steak

    Flank steak from local market, grey meat section, I mean "Manager's Special". Marinade- red wine vinegar, soy sauce, honey, garlic. Smoker for two hours at 225°. Brought the meat up to 110° internal. Fired up the chimney and set a cast iron grate over it. Seared the meat until 135°. Wrapped...
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