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  1. smokyokie

    Second cometition-first 1st place brisket

    Team theqjoint.com entered their second competition last Friday and had a pretty good showing. I'm posting this in the beef forum because WE TOOK FIRST PLACE IN BRISKET Not a bad overall showing either. 15th overall in a field of 49. We scored respectable in ribs and chicken, but poorly in...
  2. smokyokie

    Red Maple

    Anybody know anything about smoking w/ red maple as opposed to hard maple?
  3. smokyokie

    What I want for Christmas

    At the top of my Christmas wish list is that everyone here in my SMF family have a safe and very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. smokyokie

    Deboning pix

    Remove wing tip sections and tail Cut down side of backbone Be careful to separate the oysters from both sides and leave attached to the thigh meat Expose and separate the thigh joint Work knife down the thigh bone to separate meat from bone. When you reach the "knee joint" cut the meat...
  5. smokyokie

    Turducken w/ pix

    Ever increasing in popularity is the famous Turducken, or as the Cajuns call it "Meat Three Ways". For those not familiar with it, it is basically a boneless chicken stuffed inside a boneless duck, stuffed inside a boneless turkey usually with some cornbread, meat or rice stuffing to fill it...
  6. smokyokie

    Smoked Oysters

    Who knows how to smoke and preserve oysters?
  7. smokyokie

    Where do you buy pancetta without paying an arm and a leg?

    I have lots of recipes that call for pancetta. I almost aways substitute bacon because I (@ the risk of sounding tight) just have trouble paying $6 for 4 oz. of unsmoked bacon. We are short on Italian grocery stores in tulsa (though vey long on Mexican and Asian), so the little corner deli is...
  8. smokyokie

    Testing my new innocuous signature

    This is just a test.
  9. smokyokie

    Has anyone ever done this(lots of pix)

    Had to try out the new Hastybake Friday. The Okette calls it our "baby grill". I thought I'd do a stuffed boneless chicken. I didn't think about taking pix until after I boned the bird and it occurred to me that some of you might be interested in a visual play by play of that process. All I...
  10. smokyokie

    Such a deal

    Picked this up @ a yard sale Friday for $50. Is anybosy familiar with them? I thought it was a heckuva score based on this. http://www.hastybake.com/grill_suburban.html Hop on over to the poultry forum to see what I did with it Friday night.
  11. smokyokie

    Honey herb Turkey

    The Okette's employer was good enough to give us a New Years turkey back in January( they can't give anything Christmas anymore, it might offend some people ) It was starting to get in the way of my pig meat storage, so I just took it out and smoked it. I used fresh cut rosemary, marjoram...
  12. smokyokie

    Peculiar Chicken

    The Okette and I tested out the Peculiar Apple Butter Q sauce that I posted the other day . We tried it out on some direct/indirect/direct yardbird. It was better than we imagined it would be. I don't think we'll need to be buying any more Sweet Baby Ray's. Here's a pic just in time for...
  13. smokyokie

    Smokus Interruptus

    I fired up Lucille yesterday to do some hickory spares, then something came up and I got distracted . To make a long story short, it got late, I threw on some balogna and sausge, ate that for dinner and pulled the ribs off with about 1 1/2 hours cooking time lacking. It's one thing to reheat...
  14. smokyokie

    Peculiar Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

    During a recent visit Peculiar Mike pondered making a Q sauce based on his outta site home made apple butter. We had the time and the kitchen, but non of the wunnerful apple butter. Well, you'll never guess what showed up on my doorstep last night from the mailman, 2 qts. of the delicious...
  15. smokyokie

    She's Christened Lucille

    I don't know if "Events" is the proper forum for this, but the christening was an event, so here I go. The event was sucessful in that we settled on a name for the smoker, "Lucille", but even maore successful in that it brought some great people together for some great food, some great stories...
  16. smokyokie

    Old Mexico Mezquite Charcoal

    A couple weeks ago, while visiting one of the many newly opened Mercaditos in Tulsa's "little Mexico", I came across this brand of charcoal. Old Mexico Mezquite Charcoal--Carbon Vegetal. Is anyone familiar with it? I used it and loved it. Not much spark, long burning, big chunks. Where all...
  17. smokyokie

    Which do ya'all like best?

    I love beef rib eye! I'm having trouble deciding which form I like best, grilled rib eye steak, grilled steak over hardwood flame, smoked boneless rib eye, or smoked bone in standing rib roast. Which do ya'all like best? Tim
  18. smokyokie

    pc;um;pm post your choice of dates

    We get older, we get confused more easily . Pick your date please. I just realized that you can have multiple choice in the poll. If everyone votes first and second choice, we can just take the poll winner as the wknd. Tim
  19. smokyokie

    If you like tomatoes, look at this.

    A fresh heirloom tomato is a work of art to me. We've been picking, slicing, and eating a lot lately, so I took some pix to share with all you other tomato lovers. (I know you're out there). Hope you enjoy. Tim
  20. smokyokie

    Smokey Okie's break in smoke and christening ceremony

    So the ball is in my court now, as Mike so ably put it. Let me poll those of you that want to make it down. Next weekend is probably too short of notice. I don't have anything going on the following weekend or the weekend after that. Then there's always the thought of waiting till...
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