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  1. cmayna

    Smoked Salmon & Albacore belly's

    Had accumulated some extra Salmon bellys, collars & some Albacore Tuna bellys. Hell! why not together? In the smoker: Albacore bellys,Salmon collars, Salmon bellys........ Salmon bellys Albacore belly Salmon collars
  2. cmayna

    I got Nuggetized today

    Actually some of our fish got nuggetized. I just felt that way after getting up so early to start the process :emoji_grinning: Found this fish which the way better half caught during the 2019 Salmon season, in the freezer, yelling "let me out!!". Since I was looking for some Salmon to make...
  3. cmayna

    More Smoked Ling Cod

    Getting a little low in my smoked ling cod inventory, decided to start smoking some of the big ole Ling a Ding's the wife and I caught this last September up along the Nor Cal coast. Cutting up into cubes Going into the bag for for a 24 hour marinade session: After the 24 hour brine...
  4. cmayna

    New mailbox

    Wife started complaining that the mail has been starting to stick in the mailbox. Guess it was time to get a new one:
  5. cmayna

    My WSM18's new cart

    Though I only need to move the WSM a whopping 6+ feet to it's regular smoking spot, which is where the MES40 resides when it's earning it's keep, I wanted a way to ease the movement. Thus based really on what raw materials I already had in my shop, I went for a metal cart. The only thing I...
  6. cmayna

    More WSM mods

    A couple more mods I did yesterday to my newly acquired old WSM18 Not sure if I want to use the stock charcoal chamber due to it's size, so I whipped together this 12" diameter chamber out of some expanded steel I had laying around in the shop. If I don't end up using it,,,,,no biggy...
  7. cmayna

    Thermometer grommet for old WSM18 and Weber grill

    My newly aquired old WSM18 did not have a grommet to run my Thermoworks wires through so I installed one. Since the grommet came in a 2PAK, I thought the Weber 22 needed one as well.
  8. cmayna

    A couple - three WSM questions

    I recently inherited a WSM18. Though I am very happy with my Weber grill with indirect heat, thought it might be fun to play with this WSM. So here's a couple questions: Rusty charcoal grate: Is a rusty charcoal grate bad to use? I have a new grate but was thinking of using the original...
  9. cmayna

    Sleeping Around

    A friend sent me these pics of awesome rigs towing these beautiful camper trailers. I simply can't help but to share........enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/F4hFnGsYSvkBooNe8
  10. cmayna

    Merry Christmas !!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.
  11. cmayna

    My truck saying Merry Xmas

    The green turd feeling pretty festive this year.........
  12. cmayna

    Pampering my MES

    Even though the MES smokers are supposedly insulated, I've always been pretty skeptical. Yes, they have dual walls, but still. I've been using reflectix foil for a couple years on the outside of my 40 (as per the first pic) and mentally wise for me, it's done wonders, but during the colder...
  13. cmayna

    Smoked Rock Cod recipe?

    I have just way too much Rock Cod and need to give some if it away but would like some to be smoked. I have successfully smoked Ling Cod in a 24 hour wet brine, but find Rock Cod as being too dry using same recipe. Should I just extend the brining time or find another recipe?. Does anyone...
  14. cmayna

    Smoked Bellys and Collars

    Just some more Salmon that we caught which needed to be cooked and given away..... 4 racks of Smoked Chinook Salmon collars, belly pieces (cut into chunks). Also the two bottom racks have some of our Albacore Tuna belly pieces on the right. Never done Albacore belly and heard it is very oily...
  15. cmayna

    Smoked Albacore Tuna Belly recipe?

    I brought home a bunch of Albacore Tuna last week which included the belly pieces. Everyone I fished with said smoked Albacore bellys are unreal and I must try it. Does anyone have a proven receipe which they would be willing to share?
  16. cmayna

    Fresh Salmon anyone?

    Here I am on the left holding a 21 pounder king on the pacific ocean about 5 hours ago. Wife and I came home with limits. Yes, tomorrow's meal will be grilled various pieces such as collars, belly strips, etc
  17. cmayna

    More fish to smoke

    Wife and I just got back from a wonderful fishing trip in Eureka, Calif. Came in with limits of Rock Cod, Monster Ling Cod and a very nice Halibut. I need bigger freezers!!
  18. cmayna

    Jerry guarding Salmon nuggets.....again!!

    7.5 #'s of Chinook Salmon that the wife and/or I caught. In a very simple 4/1 dry brine of dk brown sugar with non iodized salt. Brined for 4.5 hours. My favorite smoker, doing its thing. Mailbox mod doing it's thing as well. Running a couple hours of Alder pellets followed by an hour + of...
  19. cmayna

    When to replace the mailbox and pipe due to Creosote build up?

    I have noticed that since I installed the mailbox mod in early 2017, everything has been running just fine, but finally started to look in the mailbox and OMG, there's a lot of black gunky stuff hanging from the ceiling of the mailbox and of course the aluminum tube has a nice dark coating on...
  20. cmayna

    More fish to smoke

    here's a pic of me earlier today bringing in a nice Salmon. Both the wife and I came home with limits. We will give a lot away and then I will smoke the remaining
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