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    Moldy UDS

    Sup SMF Fam, Yesterday was one of the last nice weather days we might see in Michigan so I decided to smoke a pork loin...turned out great. But before i got started i i had to clean a bit of mold out of the drum. It was quite a bit. My last time using it before yesterday was Labor day. So my...
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    Foil Tape???

    I'm trying to patch up some holes in my UDS. I'm improving the design you could say... I made a slide damper on the bottom with some thin sheet metal, it served its purpose but didnt last. Now I have a rectangular hole at the bottom. Could I use foil tape to cover it up? I'm going with the ball...
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    Cutoff Lip of Drum for Better Seal???

    Hello All, I have begun my second UDS build and during burnout I warped my lid...again. I was thinking I would cut the lip at the top off the drum off, add gasket material around the lid and keep a tight seal that way. The lid isn't twisted severely or anything like that, but if I pound one...
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    Zeolyte Filters???

    Anyone hear about these new filters that are used in auto exhaust pipes that are supposed to filter out cancer causing carcinogens? think this will be good for the smoking community?
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    Reverse Flow UDS???

    So last night I was laying in bed thinking of the UDS build I'll do for the Spring and for whatever reason, reverse flow came to mind. So, are there any tips to an idea of putting a 33 gal. inside a 55 gal? Or am I doing to much? UDS's are pretty efficient as it. Let me know what you all think...
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    Young Man w/ Big BBQ Dreams

    Hello All, Just introducing myself. I'm a young guy (29, maybe not that young) who is really into learning everything i can about BBQ/Smoking. I've gone from a super cheap propane patio grill to an overpriced smoke hallow hybrid and now i'm loving my self built UDS. Ultimate goal is a...
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