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  1. Fueling Around

    Sigh...thighs again

    Love thighs. Many ways to prep and cook. After the initial panic, most meat cuts are available again. Chicken, pork, and beef (including ground) is in the coolers. Plus side is more beef rib cuts are showing up in the local grocery chain and Wally store at decent prices.
  2. Fueling Around

    Smoking Chuck Flats

    Mighty fine looking meal. There is so many boutique names added to cuts from the front quarter it is hard to figure out what you're getting in the package. I only used Daikon for making Do Chua until reading your posts. Guess what goes in the garden this year?
  3. Fueling Around

    Rib Crisis Averted

    Nice recovery. Ribs look great. Butt in the oven was my usual finish after smoking. Sorry to hear about the Bradley. Repair or replace?
  4. Fueling Around

    When the smoking gets tough...

    We made our weekly shopping trip today. She read the labels on all the Spam cans (including low sodium) in the store and decided to pass. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Fueling Around

    When the smoking gets tough...

    I never tried smoking SPAM. Not my favorite, but wife still craves it even though it blows her restricted sodium diet. Appears it takes on some flavor from a smoke bath.
  6. Fueling Around

    Fried Chicken from the 18th century

    I ran across this series when looking for methods to make salt pork. The Scout Troop had a Civil War reenactment camporee. Wasted a $15 pork belly. I had to work that weekend and non of the other adult leaders knew how to work with salt pork
  7. Fueling Around

    Sad news, but a blessing

    We share a loss. You lost your mother and I missed the opportunity to get to know her.
  8. Fueling Around

    What Isolation Order???

    Do you have a game farm near? Some escape from the farm and start romancing anything being they only get it once a year. Chicken eggs? Now if Jimmy lets the fertilized eggs progress to baluts, it may get interesting.
  9. Fueling Around

    It's getting bad - Charcoal Lump Pellet hoarders.

    I cannot guess the mind set of the masses. People suddenly forced to stay at home and mostly fend (cook) for themselves has created some interesting runs on products. Check your (expletive deleted) government. Unclean smoke producers may now be banned?
  10. Fueling Around

    Another question about the Oklahoma Joe's Highland firebox

    No direct experience with OK Joe. I eyed them when considering an upgrade, but changed my mind from an offset to making a fridge smoker. I have a crappy Brinkmann offset that I originally bought as a cheap charcoal grill. I used it as an offset smoker many times. I fabricated a fuel basket for...
  11. Fueling Around

    Sugar and smoking

    I don't like sugar in rubs or glazes or sauces. It isn't a burn thing (and yes it will) just my taste. I cooked 3 racks of baby backs on the pooper today. All racks prepped with a low salt and NO sugar rub. Tried a Keto sauce on one rack during the last hour. Wife loved it, but I cannot get...
  12. Fueling Around

    Yeast Shortage?

    A NY culture starter is long gone. You have a west coast culture now. Always use unbleached flour. Bromated is bleached flour
  13. Fueling Around

    Citrus pulled pork

    Nice looking butt. Never tried the citrus profile. 145° internal temp means the exterior is a lot warmer and stopped taking in flavor so why waste the smoke (wood or bark). I used to finish off most of my pulled pork in the oven in a foil wrapped foil pan to seal in the flavor. Now cottonwood...
  14. Fueling Around

    Coronavirus doldrums

    Great looking vittles. You're a brave soul messing with the other half. Good Luck Minnesota Governor ordered the same directive starting today for the next 2 weeks. Wife and I side stepped that by a shopping venture today. Got a pack of baby backs at Sam's. Going on the pellet pooper...
  15. Fueling Around

    Slowly Replenishing My Stock of Canned Meat

    Nice job. Canned or frozen each have their advantages. I tend to rely on frozen. When planning for the apocalypse, I do say canning has the advantage over the freezer without power.
  16. Fueling Around

    Featured Venison weiners ( pic heavy )

    Never tried venison wieners, but you got me thinking with that great batch. Defrosted the freezer yesterday. Need to get ambitious on some venison products. I assume you get pellets from Home of Economy. I've looked at the Char Hickory and passed so far. Your comments on the smoke they produce...
  17. Fueling Around

    Beef Tenderloin Tails

    Thanks for the inspiration i have a very crappy piece of tenderloin going on the pellet pooper for a cook tomorrow.
  18. Fueling Around

    Low temp smoking on Weber kettle - advice?

    My experience. I start with a single row snake. I get colder than you so may go with a double or double with stack to get the coals going. Patience, it may take up to 2 hours to stabilize the burn and heat to desired range. Lower vents mostly open and top vent throttled down. No chunks as...
  19. Fueling Around

    What precautions are you taking for Corona Virus

    Did the weekly shopping trip today to our local grocery store chain. Found food service size bags of cut up chicken in the freezer case. I'll be going back as it was 99¢/# (Defrosting the upright freezer today and didn't have room in the coolers to keep it cold.) Other meat products in very good...
  20. Fueling Around

    Here's a good one...

    I tried to explain it to my wife. She didn't get it.
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