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  1. walterwhite

    Grilled Chicken Pinwheels (Q-view)

    Q-view is a bit of a misnomer since this is grilled, not smoked. Chicken pinwheels were 69¢/lb so I snagged a bag. I also grilled some zucchini from the garden as well as some corn on the cob. It's partially cooked here. By the time the chicken was done, the corn husks were charred and the...
  2. walterwhite

    My favorite rib rub? I'm still not sure. (Q-view)

    I need to thank some friends for some help they've given me and it's not the kind of debt I cannot pay with money so I decided to make a batch of ribs and share with them. I chose back loin ribs this time which come 3 racks/package at Sam's Club. With an extra grate in my WSM, I can lay six...
  3. walterwhite

    What's your BBQ/Grilling adventure for 2012?

    I had a terrific year for smoking, BBQ and grilling.I expanded my equipment (too much!) and tried a bunch of new things. Among highlights for this last year: Beef back ribs.Atomic Buffalo Turds.Grilled bananasRoasted red peppers (for a hummus like dip)Beef brisketBlackened (sort of) fish.Grilled...
  4. walterwhite

    Grilling chops and brining (with Q-view)

    For our Christmas eve dinner we had originally expected to serve four so I pulled a package of four lamb steaks out of the freezer. A couple days later our guest list swelled by six and I suspected that our guests might not appreciate lamb. At Sam's I found a package of nice looking boneless...
  5. walterwhite

    Android App: What would you want?

    Hi folks, I've begun work on an Android app to record my smokes. My primary motivation is to sharpen my skill set with a real world project about a subject that interests me (*). And I'll probably want to share the results of my efforts. As such, I'd like to know what you would want in an...
  6. walterwhite

    When all else fails ...

    Make chili! :D The siren song of cheap beef captivated me when I saw cryovac skirt steaks for $2.99/lb. I picked the smallest bag - 10 lb. My first try was to grill them over hot coals. I did a few and we had them for dinner. Much chewing ensued. I looked back at several recipes and they were...
  7. walterwhite

    Beef Tongue

    Do I need to boil it and peel it first or can I smoke it, peel it and then braise it? Suggestions for the proper wood (probably whatever works well for beef in general) would also be appreciated. I'm thinking hickory, oak and black walnut. I have a taste for some tongue! :D thanks,
  8. walterwhite

    Mesquite Grilled Chicken (with Q-view)

    I love my smokers and use them regularly. But today I had a hankering for some grilled chicken. I also wanted to try out the Mesquite lump from Sam's Club. So I'm using my Performer for the first time since I got it last fall. I really like having the work surface that I can roll around and...
  9. walterwhite

    2011-04-01 Maverick ET-901 for $a8 + $5 shipping at sellout.woot.com

    http://sellout.woot.com/ That's a single probe model - food only. But it is remote reading. Also I don't know how long the sale will last. I see the same thermometer listed at Amazon for $30 (free shipping) so you could save a couple dollars if you wanted one of these. -walt
  10. walterwhite

    Temp control tips for an unvented Brinkmann Sportsman Smoker

    Hi folks, I'm pretty enthusiastic about smoking so I didn't hesitate to offer to help a friend who wanted to get some use out of their smoker. It turns out that they have what appears to be an older Brinkmann Sportsman Smoker that has a single grate, open bottom and no vents in the cover. The...
  11. walterwhite

    Herbs suitable for smoking?

    My daughter-in-law mentioned a recent Rachel Ray article that suggested placing herbs directly on the coals instead of applying to meat. I haven't seen the article, but a web search did locate recommendations for putting Rosemary directly on the coals. Does anyone here do that? Are there other...
  12. walterwhite

    Cedar planks and wraps - Tuesday 2010-09-14 only

    If you have a yearning to try these out or are already a fan, there are some on Woot for sale today only at what is probably a decent price. (See woot.com) I got a pack of the cedar wraps on a recent Woot but haven't tried them out yet. I find it interesting because cedar is not supposed to be...
  13. walterwhite

    I smoked you a delicious bass (With B-view :) )

    (With apologies to Napoleon Dynamite.) I was curious how a fish like this would smoke up so I made some in my Mini-WSM. I used some cherry and box elder for smoking wood as those would be pretty mild. The fish itself is a pretty mild flavor. I sprinkled a little onion powder on it and put a...
  14. walterwhite

    Flank Steak - Holy cow!

    No pun intended, but if it fits... One of my favorite groceries had cryopack flank steaks for $3.19/lb so I picked out a 6 lb. bag and brought it home. They also had fresh brats on sale for $2/lb so I got a 3 lb package of those too. :D I smashed several large garlic cloves, added fresh ground...
  15. walterwhite

    Beef Tenderloin - a bit of a disappointment.

    Back when whole tenderloins were on sale for $3.99 US, I bought an extra one and froze it to see how it would hold up. They came sealed in plastic (cryovac I think is the name for that packaging.) I thawed one out today and as before, I cut several slices out of the middle to cook like fillets...
  16. walterwhite

    Lamb Ribs with Qview

    I couldn't pass the lamb breast I saw at the store for $0.99/lb. I post the results of my preparation here not as a ringing success but rather to provide additional information for others should they wish to try something like this. There is also some good discussion of the subject in this...
  17. walterwhite

    Ham works too!

    Had an emergency smoke this morning. SWMBO called from work at 9:00. It hasn't been the best year where she works so instead of taking families to a nice restaurant at the end of the year, the owners planned an in office pot luck. They bought three spiral sliced hams but didn't think about how...
  18. walterwhite

    Freeze raw tenderloin?

    A couple weeks ago I picked up a whole tenderloin for $2.99/lb. It was terrific! But the sale is over. Tonight I saw a boatload of whole tenderloins for $3.99/lb. I was picking up pork for a big smoke tomorrow so I reluctantly passed on the beef, but I wonder how good they would be if I froze...
  19. walterwhite

    My first beef (with Qview)

    I've had fun with pork and fowl and have been anticipating smoking my first beef. However, with pulled pork, smoked turkey and smoked chicken in the freezer, I've been holding off while we draw down on our reserves. When I spotted whole beef tenderloins at the local market for $2.99/lb and then...
  20. walterwhite

    The suspense is killing me!

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