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  1. johno

    Wild Boar??

    where i am in australia we shoot them while at work on the farm ( carry guns in tractors )almost every week and drag them off the paddock for the foxes and crows to clean up . i quite often just run over em in my 4X4 . few weeks back i got 9 in one go with my landcruiser you should of seen the...
  2. johno

    Meat cuts

    ex england here born yorkshire, grew up stevenage herts , now living in australia queensland, and doing amercan style BBQ . just about make ya head spin that . anyway i was having the same trouble you are re meat cuts . pulled pork ( which by the way is well worth the effort ) is best made from...
  3. johno

    hi from oz + a major problem ???

    G,day mate . all you have to do is go to bunnings or BBQ galore or camping place and buy an LP gas bottle same as used on the gas barbie
  4. johno

    New Guy From Brisbane, Australia

    another aussie in here mate im a queenslander too , lived in brissy for 20 years but im out in the bush now. i have been smoking for probably 2 years maybe . and all i use is the old weber , although i am partway through building an offset . any way welcome to ya and enjoy . if you need any...
  5. johno

    brisket cost - help pls

    G,day mate , thought i better chuck you an answer seeing as i am at least in the same country . yep briskets are hard to get because they all get corned as soon as they cut up the carcass i actualy was asking in a butcher shop in toowoomba today about getting one they told me i need to order...
  6. johno

    Dumb Dog

    your spot on al , maybe we should all do a few cooks now and then without all our high tech aids , we may become better cooks that way . they got by for thousands of years without digital thermo,s and and stuff, would probably do us go to learn to Q well without them.
  7. johno

    re mahogany

    seems strange to me too , when australia has produced more grapes than it knows what to do with the last 2 or 3 years .
  8. johno

    re mahogany

    thanks tim , i will give it a whirl , nothing ventured nothing gained.
  9. johno

    re mahogany

    G,day i want to make a batch of dutch's mahogany sauce , but i have searched every where and can not buy grape jam , it use to be around but not any more has anyone ever tried it with another jam i have some plum jam wonder how that would be instead of grape,
  10. johno

    vacuum packing

    thanks for the replies guys but it seems the food saver you guys are using over there are not available here , the food saver here is a different brand , i looked at a semi prof one yesterday in a butchers supply place but it is $400.00 nice unit though .
  11. johno

    vacuum packing

    G,day just like to know if any one has used or got the machine called .............. " seal and pack " just like to know if they are anygood better or worse than the one called sunbeam food saver.link to them one aussie ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-FOOD-SAVE...QQcmdZViewItem
  12. johno

    Ever cook for anyone famous?

    russell crowe , quite a few football players , and a few politicians
  13. johno

    Harvest is done!!!

    this turd still has 2 centre pivots of barley to plant ,got 4 done and some dry land , running late ground is still a bit sticky and still spreading feedlot turds on the paddocks . its winter here been planting oats too. when the last of the barley goes in we have a break from planting for a...
  14. johno

    freezer find

    to continue , the pork went in about 8 am , i kept the old weber a bit hotter than i normaly do ( around 280 - 300 mark in the lid ) anyway the meat reached 194 internal at 5.30 pm and i took it out and wraped it in foil and a towel ,put it in the esky ( cooler ) and left it overnight ...
  15. johno

    freezer find

    i have never used hickory but i am told pecan is very close to hickory.
  16. johno

    wish i could

    i found found this going up for auction at an auction house in brisbane wish i had the money and the time to go bid on it . cos i bet it goes cheap . commercial smoker . here is the link http://www.baileysauctions.com.au/m/7038
  17. johno

    freezer find

    G,day cleaning out and re packing one of our four chest freezers a few days ago came across a couple of nice chunks of pork leg ( i think ) from my last pig kill ( forgot i had them in there ) . so i transfered one to the cool room for a slow defrost and this morning it is going into the old...
  18. johno


    for the taters i just part boil them , then let them cool enough to handle and cut them into cubes about half an inch square , then put them in a foil tray sprinkle with some olive oil stir them a bit to coat them , then add some spices , normaly sage ,garlic powder, onion powder , rosemary ...
  19. johno


    G,day peoples . at last i get a chance to do some Q , its sunday and i am doing a rack of pork ribs in the old weber .its the first chance ive had to do any Q for about 3 weeks and i need the fix . i have been as busy as a one legged man in a bottom kicking competion latley. jeffs rub and pecan...
  20. johno


    have any of you guys seen the easy way of peeling a boiled egg. i just got it in my email today its a short vid about 1 meg if any one would like to give me there email i can send the clip to them . personaly i cant wait to boil an egg just to see if this works .
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