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  1. freakynorm

    Help with mozzarella please.

    I tried making some fresh mozzarella today. I picked up some raw whole milk from the co-op and did the normal recipe. Citric acid, heat, rennet, rest, cut curd, etc. After draining it, I set it in a bowl and poured whey over it that was heated to 185F. I let it sit about 20 seconds and went to...
  2. freakynorm

    Turkey Skin Issue

    Well, I don't have a rotisserie so can't do that one. Yeah, the temps were supposed to be in F lol. I will try a hotter smoke. I did this one in my MES so my max temp is 300F. Thanks for the tips!
  3. freakynorm

    Turkey Skin Issue

    I tried smoking a 9lb turkey this weekend. It came out really good. I used some herbs and butter under the skin, filled the bird with various fruits and put a light coating of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning on it. For some reason though, the skin was like leather. I've done chicken before...
  4. freakynorm

    Second Baby Back Smoking - Input Greatly Appreciated

    You can sprinkle some brown sugar on the ribs just before you toss them in the smoker. My homemade rub doesn't use much sugar, so I just top my ribs with the brown sugar just prior to smoking. For an added sweetness, you can do a glaze on the ribs. It gives it a sweet/tangy taste and makes them...
  5. 900x900px-LL-e02175a3_ribsabts00802-10-13.jpeg


  6. 900x900px-LL-932b078c_ribsabts00702-10-13.jpeg


  7. freakynorm

    Pork belly on the grill in progress with q/view and a question

    It came out good for my first attempt. Some parts had too much fat in it. The flavors the carrots and onion took on are amazing. I got the juice save up and cooling, I'll remove the fat and make a nice au jus with it. Got some of the veggies to go on the side with it too. Here are a few pieces...
  8. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-006.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-006.jpg

  9. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-005.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-005.jpg

  10. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-004.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-004.jpg

  11. freakynorm

    Pork belly on the grill in progress with q/view and a question

    I saw this recipe/cook online and though it sounded good. So I bought some pork belly and got it started today. In the video, they had it cook about 4-5 hours. They don't say what temp they took it up to. Reading online the temps range anywhere from 160°F to 200°F. My cook is about 2.5 hours...
  12. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-003.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-003.jpg

  13. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-002.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-002.jpg

  14. Pork Belly 08-02-2015-001.jpg

    Pork Belly 08-02-2015-001.jpg

  15. freakynorm

    Fair price per LB for pork belly

    I checked with Cash N Carry today, they said they do carry them but don't get many in and sell out quickly. So I stopped by the Mexican butcher store and they sell fresh pork bellies for $2.99 and you can buy as much or little as you want. So I can get the perfect amount for a single cook. I am...
  16. freakynorm

    Fair price per LB for pork belly

    Hmm, it doesn't list pork bellies for the Cash and Carry stores near me. 
  17. freakynorm

    Fair price per LB for pork belly

    I didn't think of trying the ethnic grocery stores. There's a really nice Mexican one by my house I will check out tomorrow. I know they make fresh chicharones there, so I am betting they may have pork belly. Their prices are super reasonable too on everything I've bought there before. There are...
  18. freakynorm

    Fair price per LB for pork belly

    I live out in the sticks. There are two "butchers" out here. Not corner store or mom-and-pop type places. More like large suppliers of meat to the county. They sell frozen pork bellies between $5.19lb and $5.49lb in 10-12lb slabs. Is it me, or is that really excessive, especially since they're...
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