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  1. GA Tom

    Paint issues on Camp Chef Woodwind 24?

    No paint issues at all. I have my current Camp Chef WOODWIND WIFI 24 for more than a year and all is fine. However I have noticed that there is a new version of same that is now sold by CC. More Money ($1K vs $800) and supposedly "updated".
  2. GA Tom

    Weber SmokeFire

    I was considering one of these grills a while ago and discovered that there are forums/discussion groups that discuss only the Weber Pellet Grill. One web site is https://www.weberpelletgrills.com/threads/holy-cow.737/. There may be others.
  3. GA Tom

    Do I need sear plates?

    I'm not familiar with sear plates, but for cooking steaks/burgers on my Camp Chef 24" Woodwind Wi Fi I use GrillGrates. They substantially increase the surface cooking temperature; and leave excellent grate marks. That company's Web site is grillgrate.com
  4. GA Tom

    Pits & Spits - Who has one, Do you love it?

    Here is a lengthy review of the 1250 from Amazing Ribs site. lots of info
  5. GA Tom

    Camp Chef vs Pit Boss Pro

    I have a Camp Chef Wi Fi 24" grill. I have had this one for over a year and love it. About 6 months ago Camp Chef had a small issue with the software on the controller. It was quickly remedied; and I have had no problems since. The PID controller works perfectly at both low and high...
  6. GA Tom

    New to forum just ordered a Camp Chef DLX 24 in stainless

    Hey There ... I have a Camp Chef Woodwind 24" Wi Fi pellet grill, and have used many different pellets. I can highly recommend the Camp Chef Competition Blend, but my favorites are all made by LumberJack. I use their Competition Blend, Supreme Blend & Pecan. However any of the Lumber Jack blends...
  7. GA Tom

    Last smoke of the season....maybe!

    Living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in northern Georgia means smoking and grilling all year round. I love it. I may use more pellets in the cold months; but that averages out in the warm ones. Grilling dinner in the dark is more challenging; but I have lights for that. Glad that...
  8. GA Tom

    Help choosing pellets

    JC mentioned above that some like the the Lumber Jack Maple/Hickory/Cherry blend. That is what I use in my Camp Chef. It is called the Lumber Jack Competition Blend; and it is excellent.
  9. GA Tom

    New Camp Chef Owner

    I have the same grill; but 24". Here is the drill: "BREAKING IN THE GRILL We suggest turning the grill to 350F for 1⁄2 hour before cooking on the grill for the first time. This will burn off any manufacturing oils and cure the paint. Make sure to follow the instructions for filling the auger...
  10. GA Tom

    PIT BARREL COOKER -Something ain't right

    I had a PBC a few years ago; and only used lighter fluid to start it. At that time they did not have (or recommend) the chimney starter that they now tout (or any chimney). Never had a problem with the dreaded "lighter fluid taste". Also, again at that time they recommended Kingsford Original...
  11. GA Tom

    Pellet Grill Search...

    The Camp Chef Woodwind Wi Fi 24 Pellet Grill has one of the features that you are seeking. If you want to empty out/dump all the pellets; or swap out pellets for different types of cooking projects, the process is easy, There is a hopper clean out chamber that lets you empty the hopper at any...
  12. GA Tom

    Grill Grates (https://www.grillgrate.com/) . Some questions for owners

    I could be mistaken, but I think that most all GrillGrates come with holes in the part (bottom)/(flat side) that fits on your existing grill; or replaces the factory grill. That is how mine are; and I can just flip them over. and use the bottom/flat side to cook burgers, etc. They work great...
  13. GA Tom

    What is your favorite Lumberjack Pellet flavor for all meats - if you had to choose one??

    I'm with dubob. Competition Blend is best; and that is what I always use. If you want a hickory/southern pellet I can also recommend 100% pecan. ... Note: it is about 25% more expensive!
  14. GA Tom

    GIVEAWAY for TWO Inkbird Digital Instant Read Thermometer BG-HH1C

    USA - Thanks and please put me in the drawing. Tom Stifler
  15. GA Tom

    Looking For Grill Advice

    I have the Camp Chef Woodwind 24" wifi and can recommend it highly. If needed, Camp Chef tech support is slow right now.
  16. GA Tom

    GIVEAWAY for 150ft Bluetooth bbq thermometer with dual probes IBT-2X

    Born in the USA. Thanks for the opportunity GA Tom
  17. GA Tom

    Searing on a Traeger

    I have a Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24; and my 2 best buddies have Traegers. We all use GrillGrates for searing; and are very happy with the results. Depending on how hot you are cooking GrillGrates will add up to 100 or more degrees to the surface temperature; as well as adding infrared energy...
  18. GA Tom

    Brisket Help

    Aaron Franklin, of Franklin BBQ, has some great videos (not to mention advice in his excellent book) dealing with preparing and smoking brisket. Here is a link to one: . He is certainly an expert, if not THE expert in everything brisket. His book and videos have been a great help. Good Luck. GA Tom
  19. GA Tom

    Camp Chef Cleanup. HELP!

    No problem covering the vent holes. cover them up. GATom
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