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  1. jcoleman66

    My NEW Pellet Smoker I am building.....

    Wow!! That is great!
  2. jcoleman66

    Hydroponic vegetables

    searched uPVC pipe suppliers, otherwise was seeing windows etc
  3. jcoleman66

    Hydroponic vegetables

    Did a quick google search. This might help - https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/upvc-pipe.html
  4. jcoleman66

    Help! Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker or Masterbuilt MES 35B Electric Smoker

    The smoke attachment works great. I had one for my MES30. one thing to watch is the chips can get stuck due to the residue from the chips burning. Just need to poke down from time to time. Holy cow! 149 from Home Depot, I paid around 80 from amazon, though they no longer sell. That was a...
  5. jcoleman66

    Making my 1st pork butt in my Gravity 560, question.

    You should be fine. Keep an eye on internal temp, once it gets to 165 you will hit the "stall" This is where the meat sweats, which like when you sweat, has a cooling effect. The stall can last for a long time. There are several theories on what to do. Leave it and let take as long as it...
  6. jcoleman66

    Portable generator

    Yeah we have a 5500watt troybuilt that I have had since hurricane at first house back in 2003, but runs like a champ. Best prevention I could have for power going out. Every time I get it hooked up the power comes back on. LOL . The house we have now has hookup so we don't have to run cords...
  7. jcoleman66

    Pickle brine wings

    They look great!!! With pickle brine, it doesn't take long to impart flavor, the longer you go the more intense it will be. When I do Chick-Fil-A tenders for my daughter, about 30 min is enough.
  8. jcoleman66

    Portable generator

    I have been looking to get a dual fuel (gasoline/propane) generator, I have seen good reviews on several. Biggest complaint seems to be customer service if needed. Do any of you folks have experience with these? Looking at upwards of a 15000w/12500w.
  9. jcoleman66

    Rust Help, Rain in Open Propane Grill

    You could always try these: https://www.grillgrate.com/ Don't know about the spray rust killer, would be worried about the after affects on the food etc.
  10. jcoleman66

    Food Lion .99 Pork Butt

  11. jcoleman66

    Food Lion .99 Pork Butt

    Was just at Food Lion in the Clayton NC area and they have pork butts .99/lb. Just four 10 lb
  12. jcoleman66

    Topside Smoke Ring on WSM

  13. jcoleman66

    Topside Smoke Ring on WSM

    No injection used. Rubbed the night before and vacuum sealed. Next day smoke to internal temp of around 130, allow to rest until cool enough to vacuum seal and let go over night. Slice next day.... super juicy. No vacuum sealer, just wrap in plastic wrap. Better pic from another one
  14. jcoleman66

    Topside Smoke Ring on WSM

    Looks good to me!! Here is eye of round I did for deli meat only cooked to 135 internal temp.
  15. jcoleman66

    Pork shoulder can take longer than you think....

    Once you wrap, bump that temp up, you are no longer smokin you are cookin. I finish mine in on avg in 9-10 hrs. I agree with Jim, want to be sure you temps are accurate.
  16. jcoleman66

    3 in 1.... lol

    Very Nice!!!
  17. jcoleman66

    Wild for foods?

    I have ordered from them several times and have been happy the products. The only exceptions have been, I ordered the shrimp and scallop skewers and just wasn't excited with them. I also ordered a boneless turkey breast to smoke for deli meat, it was the same butterball I can get locally.
  18. jcoleman66

    Not Sourdough>>Poolish Bread

    Very Nice!!!
  19. jcoleman66

    Gonna try my new smoker tomorrow!

    I have the older PB 4 vertical smoker, so can't comment about ash clean out, sounds like something might be bent on the rail or something. As to the burn in the manual has some info on that. From manual: " Start smoker and operate at highest heat 350, with door closed for 30-40 minutes. To...
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