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  1. cybergoon

    What’s your thoughts about a Virtual Pin Map ideal?

    Added. Hope more people will update the locations here. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    Here is the screenshot of last Saturday's smoke...
  3. 022912smoke.jpg


  4. cybergoon


    I have tried several different rubs on pork and beef. Personally, I prefer "Memphis Dust". It is really easy to throw together and makes for some great 'Q. Just google it and you should find it pretty easily. The boston butts will take about 1.5-2 hours per pound. You can always get them done a...
  5. cybergoon

    Eyeing a WSM

    It sounds to me like it didn't cook long enough. I cook until internal temperature is minimum of 195*, but usually shoot for 200*. Under 195*, the meat doesn't like to pull apart very well. I would also agree that getting the meat out of the pan is a good idea. I put it right on the rack and...
  6. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    I have now used the device a few times with my WSM 22.5" smoker and wanted to add a few notes. I found that my smoker was just too loose around the edges, so I ordered gaskets to seal the door and the lid better. This made a HUGE difference! I also have stopped using the water pan for water and...
  7. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    The CyberQ WiFi has the ability to create it's own network (AdHoc mode), which allows 1 device to connect to it remotely at a time. I find this to be very limited in function. I use the infrastructure mode. This is where you set it up to connect to your home wireless network. Using this mode...
  8. cybergoon

    need help picking a temp controller

    I just purchased the CyberQ WiFi temp controller. When you first fire it up, the blower will run 100%, then it gradually backs down as it approaches the set temp. From everything I have read, it normally doesn't overshoot by more than 5-6 degrees, if that much. It overshot on me on my first...
  9. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    You can monitor and control from anything with a modern web browser. There are people out there that are designing apps for iPhone and Android as well. I haven't tried any of them yet, but plan to soon.
  10. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    I didn't take any pics of it. I will be smoking again this weekend. I will get some pics then.
  11. cybergoon

    New weapon in my arsenal

    I have a full review up in another thread now. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/127385/review-of-the-cyberq-wifi-temperature-controller
  12. cybergoon

    Review of the CyberQ WiFi temperature controller

    This is my review of the CyberQ WiFi system from Here is what I purchased: CyberQ WiFi with 8' Probes Bulkhead Adaptor for my trailer smoker Standard Weber/Weber Smokey Mountain Adaptor Mount Pit Bull 25CFM Fan I have the CyberQ WiFi up and running on my WSM 22.5". I got it connected to...
  13. cybergoon

    New weapon in my arsenal

    Well, I have the CyberQ Wi-Fi up and running on my WSM.i have it connected to the Internet and port forwarded with no problems. Had a snafu when starting up the smoker though. Filled my ring with unlit, poured on about 15 lit coals and sealed it up and turned on the CyverQ set for 250. Temp on...
  14. cybergoon

    This is what it is like for me when cooking on my pit.

    Please finish this in time for me to get it printed and framed for a Christmas gift for my fiance!!! Maybe after reading it she will finally understand!  
  15. cybergoon

    New Member From Cedar Rapids, IA

    Welcome to SMF. Love to see other Iowans getting into the hobby. Would love to get a group going here in CR or eastern Iowa!
  16. cybergoon

    New here from SW Iowa

    Welcome! Always good to see another Iowan here!  
  17. cybergoon

    New weapon in my arsenal

    I ordered and have now received my CyberQ Wi-Fi. I got it with one 25CFM fan, adapter for my WSM 22.5" and an adapter for my large trailer smoker. Won't be using the trailer smoker any more this year due to surgery on my arm, unless I heal REALLY fast though. Planning on putting it to the test...
  18. cybergoon

    Newb from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    I'm not aware of anything local around here, but would be interested in getting one together. My buddy and I just competed for the first time and had a blast!
  19. cybergoon

    1st BBQ Competition!

    Congrats! I just did my first comp a week ago. You did a little better than I did though! Great job!  
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