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  1. novadoc

    Delayed smoking

    How long can stuffed sticks and summer sausage stay in the fridge before you get to smoking them? If weather turned nasty could you leave them for 2 or 3 days? Just curious
  2. novadoc

    40lbs if venison/pork for sticks and summer sausage

    I see a lot of you guys using leggs, PS and other pre mixed seasoning blends as if late, unfortunately that stuff is not available in Canada. Does anyone have any links or tried and true summer sausage and snack stick recipes? Looking for anything Cajun or sweet and spicy.
  3. novadoc

    Long time no post Jerky

    5lbs venison whole muscle Cabela's sweet & hot jerky kit I made a 5lb batch of this previously and the flavor was too weak, so for this batch I decided to add an extra half packet of the seasoning. Have to say that this turned out absolutely perfect, I was hoping it would last long enough to...
  4. novadoc

    MES venting issue

    I currently have 12 lbs of jerky in my MES 40 it has been in there for 8 hours @ 150 and has barely dried out it seems like the moisture is trapped inside even though the vent is wide open turned temps up to 170 to see if that helps any suggestions? I have this issue with all my low temp smokes
  5. novadoc

    Smoking in the Rain

    Just have 20 lbs of steelhead candy in the smoker. what does everyone do to keep the rain off their electric smokers when it's miserable outside. Here is what I came up with
  6. novadoc

    stuffing question

    I will be making several batches of Pepperetts and summer sausage over the holidays in most cases I will be stuffing and then smoking the following day, but I was curious of how long you guys would leave stuffed casings in the fridge. because of the cure would the meat still be fine after 3 or...
  7. novadoc

    Fresh batch of newfie moose jerky

    Tried a new recipe using whole muscle moose meat. This is hands down the best batch of jerky I have ever made. I started with 7.5 lbs of beautiful moose (steaks and roasts I brought back from my trip in the summer) This trimmed out to 6.5lbs Cut by hand as I don't have a slicer, the thin...
  8. novadoc

    2nd try at sticks, first try not so good

    When you probe your sticks where do you put it? I am going to try and smoke some sticks on Saturday, this will be my second attempt. First time was not so good. Do you use a water pan? Do you ice bath them when they are finished? My first attempt resulted in pasty meat (overground) And dried...
  9. novadoc

    Took a chance yesterday

    Well, For my first time ever smoking meat, I decided to throw a Bbq for 30+ people. I have been reading this forum for a while and have had success smoking jerky and fish. I have never done Bbq as my home made smoker was unable to reach the required temps to cook (was originally made just for...
  10. novadoc

    Smoked Wild Brown Trout

    Sitting out to form a good pellicle. After an hour or so of smoke Almost ready Finished product, skin removed All sealed up, Altho 2 pieces never made it to the freezer :D
  11. novadoc

    my smoker project

    here is the smoker i have been building
  12. novadoc

    just wanted to say HEY!

    I'm from Ontario Canada, enjoy hunting/fishing i have been making beef jerky for 6 years on my nesco dehydrator, decided to build myself a smoker to increase my ouput as well as try my hand at snack sticks and other smoked goodies. here is a pic of her, going to give it some smoke in the next...
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