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  1. johno

    re mahogany

    G,day i want to make a batch of dutch's mahogany sauce , but i have searched every where and can not buy grape jam , it use to be around but not any more has anyone ever tried it with another jam i have some plum jam wonder how that would be instead of grape,
  2. johno

    vacuum packing

    G,day just like to know if any one has used or got the machine called .............. " seal and pack " just like to know if they are anygood better or worse than the one called sunbeam food saver.link to them one aussie ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-FOOD-SAVE...QQcmdZViewItem
  3. johno

    wish i could

    i found found this going up for auction at an auction house in brisbane wish i had the money and the time to go bid on it . cos i bet it goes cheap . commercial smoker . here is the link http://www.baileysauctions.com.au/m/7038
  4. johno

    freezer find

    G,day cleaning out and re packing one of our four chest freezers a few days ago came across a couple of nice chunks of pork leg ( i think ) from my last pig kill ( forgot i had them in there ) . so i transfered one to the cool room for a slow defrost and this morning it is going into the old...
  5. johno


    G,day peoples . at last i get a chance to do some Q , its sunday and i am doing a rack of pork ribs in the old weber .its the first chance ive had to do any Q for about 3 weeks and i need the fix . i have been as busy as a one legged man in a bottom kicking competion latley. jeffs rub and pecan...
  6. johno


    have any of you guys seen the easy way of peeling a boiled egg. i just got it in my email today its a short vid about 1 meg if any one would like to give me there email i can send the clip to them . personaly i cant wait to boil an egg just to see if this works .
  7. johno

    first butt

    G,day peoples story is , i found out late saturday that i would have sunday almost free but for some repairs i have to do on one of my vehicles ( roo damage repairs ). so i thought ah ha smoke time so into the freezer i dived and came up with a frozen butt that i have been waiting for the chance...
  8. johno

    this evenings meal

    ok guy's i did another chook , smoked with peach wood , and sprayed with pineapple juice.rubbed with jeff's rub. also did a nice batch of cajun style tater's . and some meowey's mac & cheese the whole lot was very edible. we had our eldest son over tonight because his wife was at a function that...
  9. johno

    made my own fatties

    G,day ,there is no such thing as fatties over here so i had a shot at making my own . just pork mince ( ground pork) pressed it out to about 3/4 inch thick made it into a sort of rectangle then put some cheese on it and a hint of rub , then rolled it up and gave it a good coat of rub, came out...
  10. johno


    just heard this morning on the radio you guys had a tornado over there , hope you people are all ok . mother nature can get terrible cranky some times cant shedo those things just come up out of nowhere or do you get some warning. with our cyclones over here the weather guys track them and we...
  11. johno

    trying a different cut

    i got these two chunks of beef on my last shopping spree. the butcher said they were beef blade .........some thing or other cant remember. they are only small , about 2.5 pound each . i put them on our digital scales in the shop ( store ) and the combined wieght was 2.3 kilos . anyway i am have...
  12. johno

    took my camera to work today

    this may help explain a few things that was in my last post . the first pic is what we call a scarifier and behind it being pulled by chains is a very small or light set of harrows. pic 2 is one of our angus bulls and a few of his offspring.with one of our lucerne blocks in the background pi3...
  13. johno

    been shopping

    went to toowoomba yesterday . came back with $2000.00 lighter . got a load of fruit and veg for the shop .30 new scarifier point and bolts , a very expensive packet of hard facing welding rods . and the best bit another rack of pork spares and 3 beef blade roasts . see what i can do with them...
  14. johno

    the salty brisket

    just thought i would tell you guys i went back to the butchers today where i bought the salty salty brisket from and told him about it , he said it was probably brined or corned but the machine the does the lables is playing up and hasnt been printing everything on them . no offer of...
  15. johno

    pumpkin soup

    ok this is a great cold weather starter dish , although we sell a lot in our shop in the winter as a meal , a big bowl of soup and a few slices of toast and they go away happy . i dont have accurate measurements , because i have made it hundreds of times and just do it , so i know what i need to...
  16. johno


    G,day i just put a flat brisket in the weber for our evening repast . this time its not a corned one . so we'll see how i go with it . i want to take it to pulling temp if i have enough time .i havent done any pulled pork or beef yet , its not real thick so i might get away with it. .i am...
  17. johno

    my best ribs

    i just cooked and ate the best ribs i have done so far . what i did different was first up i never wrapped in foil , or never used the 3-2-1 method , i just trimmed off a bit more fat than i normaly do then rubbed with mustard then put on some jeffs rub . then into the weber for a total of 5.25...
  18. johno


    i did a small (very small ) brisket today it was only about 2.5 pounds an inch thick one end and about 2 inch at the other end , it came up to 160 f quicker than i would of liked took just over 2 hours so i foiled it with some apple juice took it out to 199 as slow as i could took about 2.5...
  19. johno


    G,day all , just like to know if any of you guys have a good beef Fajita recipe that you might like to share , never made em , is there a sauce that goes in with the meat once it is ready for the tortila.or is it cooked and served in the marinade .thanks in advance .
  20. johno

    hi mountain

    holy snappin duck droppings , i just bought some stuff online from hi mountain , the items cost 24 bucks , but the postage cost 31 bucks , hope australian customs let it through .just have to wait and see i suppose.
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