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  1. lancep

    Memorial Day Weekend Hat Trick

    So I’ve been on a tear. I started with a small picnic and sausage poppers. Yesterday, was chicken thighs and smoked brats w/ mustard sauce. That got me into a South Carolina mood. So today, we’re doing ribs with mustard sauce. I was able to score a rack of back ribs from piggly wiggly. Not...
  2. lancep

    Mother’s Day Tenderloin and Kielbasa

    Mrs P said she wanted something from the grill for her special dinner today. “You mean I have to sit outside drinking beer and pitching wood in the smoker for Mother’s Day? OK!!” Anyway, since fresh meat has been pretty hard to come by here in north Mississippi, tenderloin was what I had. No...
  3. lancep

    Caribbean ish Baby Backs

    Haven’t been around for a minute so I figured I’d bring some ribs to the party. The rub is a jerk inspired rub and the sauce is an island style I came up with a few years back. Kids friends are over so I through on some chicken as well. Rub 1 tbsp kosher salt 1 tbsp coarse black pepper...
  4. lancep

    hat is the best way to reheat a chicken?

    So, I got a late start on my smoke yesterday and by the time it was already a few beers into the big game. The wife and had zero interest in sitting down for dinner so I sliced the sausage for a munchie plate and popped the whole bird into the fridge. Kind of a shame as it came out perfect but...
  5. lancep

    First Paper Smoke w/Q-View

    So there is a flavor with foil that I have really started disliking. The last few racks of ribs that I've done, I've skipped the foil and have been pretty pleased. But what to do for long smokes? Typically for a long smoke, I'll run a wood fire for about six hours and then I'll wrap the meat in...
  6. lancep

    Diner Coffee

    So my wife has an interview in the city today. We don't get up here that often and she was a little nervous about driving downtown not knowing her way around. So I offered to drive her and I'm sitting at a little breakfast diner waiting for her to finish. Now I'm a coffee drinker through and...
  7. lancep

    Fatty Tuesday

    Well I've been laying flooring in the kids game room all day and then had to mow the lawn. I had a chicken and a 1/2 lb of sausage that needed to get cooked so.... I rolled up a fatty with the sausage and a 1/2lb of beef with Colby jack and jalapeño and then cut the back out of the chicken. Set...
  8. lancep

    Pork Butt With Hash and Rice Q-View

    OK, so I had planned to do this for Fathers day but some things came up and I had to do it a day early. I haven’t done pulled pork in a long while and have had quite the hankering for some SC style pork with mustard sauce sauce and hash and rice. My wife and I had some great BBQ when we were...
  9. lancep

    Golden Drumsticks W/Q-View

    So I've been deciding between whether to try roadside chicken or dirt sailors Carolina gold wings. Carolina won out! Yesterday was a long, painful day capping off a long painful week of trying to get things done outside before supposed storms that are being promised. Yesterday and the day...
  10. lancep

    Mmm Pork Tenderloin And Shrimp Poppers

    Well it was a scramble but well worth it. The plan was to get up, do my chores like a good boy, and then spend the rest of the afternoon smoking meat and drinking beer. After I got everything done my wife asked if I would fire up the burn barrel. Sure, no problem I thought. Well the only wood I...
  11. lancep

    Baby Back Experiment

    So one of the casualties in my quest to master the pit has been my taste for pork. I'm fairly sensitive to rich foods anyway and after countless shoulders and slabs of ribs I have found myself looking for something a little more balanced than the typical sweet presentations that I have worked so...
  12. lancep

    Last Minute Ribs

    So our Memorial Day plans got canked since our friend had to fly out for work yesterday. He was going to do the cooking so we had nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Woke up this morning and decided to go to Walmart. Slim pickings let me tell you, all the beer was gone! Anyway, I picked s rack of...
  13. lancep

    Anyone Know What kind Of Tree This Is?

    I have a ton of these growing around the house. This one appears to be dying but there's 4-5 more growing on this hill that need to be cleared. If I can smoke with them I'll be good for years.
  14. lancep

    Where the South Carolina Peeps At??

    Ok so my doctor wants me to cut out starches and sugars. BBQ is ok but no bun, no sugary sauce or rubs. Doesn't have to be forever just long enough for it to not be a regular part of my diet. But before I jump into that I want a good pork shoulder with mustard sauce and hash and rice. Problem...
  15. lancep

    How long is too long

    So the reminder alarm went off on my phone which means my back bacon has been in the cure for two weeks. Problem is I'm not really up for smoking it today. Can it wait another day or two in the cure?
  16. lancep

    Postponed Mothers Day

    So my daughter had to catch up with all of her post surgery school work this weekend so our mother day plans were punted to today. Mama she wanted me to smoke what ever we had so I pulled a couple chickens, a kielbasa, and decided to smoke my first fatty. Ok something is wrong with my...
  17. lancep

    Olive Branch In May

    So Memphis in May starts tomorrow and the BBQ comp begins next week. But just across the state line down here in Mississippi, my wife's bosses are coming in from Chicago. So I'm going to smoke some ribs. Last time we saw them we were in ridgeland, SC and had some great ribs and pulled pork with...
  18. lancep

    Seems Like Everyone Is Smoking Chucks Today

    And so am I. Picked up a two pack of chuckles at Costco the other day and decided to smoke one today. I've really been craving beef and briskets are still ridiculously priced right now so it seemed like a good time to try smokin a. Chuck. I rubbed it down with some SPOG I had leftover from pork...
  19. lancep


    Anybody know what's going on either price of eggs? Around here they've gone from 2-3 dollars to under 50 cents. Today at Aldi a dozen large eggs was 29 cents.
  20. lancep

    The Best BBQ In Memphis

    Ok so I don't have a definitive answer on that one. Central BBQ on Central Ave in midtown (don't know about the other locations) is pretty good and I've heard of a few others but haven't tried them yet. But the consensus from everyone I know here, it's not the 'Vous Although it's not...
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