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  1. therev46

    First crack at pastrami

    I use corned beef for my “pastrami”. I’m not sure if mine would actually qualify as pastrami but it’s hella good. I rinse mine off really good then cover in maple syrup and cracked black pepper. Smoke for around 12 hours or so until the IT reaches 190-200. Stick it in the fridge after an hour...
  2. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    I have an Auber dual probe on my big smoker already. I figure if the controller goes out on the new smoker, I'll just buy a couple new thermocouples and move the Auber back and forth between the two. It can't be too difficult to just wire the heating element direct to a plug.
  3. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    I got the 20070910. Ran it at 270 for about 4 hours last night. Seems to work as it should. I do like the fact that my AMPS slides right in and works great with it.
  4. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    Pulled the trigger on an MES30 with the digital controller. My local Walmart was running a deal to promote their "buy online, pick up in store" campaign so they knocked $20 off the already sale price. Tax and all I paid about $140. Seasoning her up now with a Yuengling in my hand. Life is good.
  5. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    Well I already have an Auber PID on my big smoker. I guess I could just buy a couple more thermocouples and plug it right into the MES. As far as insulation goes, not really a huge factor for me as this smoker will only be used while camping and we don't camp in the winter. Thanks for all the...
  6. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    That mes does look pretty darn simple Troy. Because I'll be constantly moving it around, the less that can break or malfunction, the better. I wonder if that one was designed for the AMNPS like the electronically controlled version is?
  7. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    Thanks for the input. Guess I'll probably be adding a new MES to my collection soon. Already have the AMNPS. Just hoping the controller holds up as I've read a lot of people complain about that.
  8. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm considering either the smoke hollow 3016DEWS or the masterbuilt 20070910. Both are 30" models and seem like a decent starting point. The one thing I don't like about the smoke hollow though is the glass door. I'm just worried about breaking it with how much it will...
  9. therev46

    Which smoker to buy

    Alright guys and gals, I know this has been brought up before but maybe some new smoker has hit the market since you all last put your 2 cents in. I'm looking to buy a new smoker to take camping. I'm currently hauling around a masterbulit propane vertical I bought years ago. Want to switch over...
  10. therev46

    The Gibson, A pellet fridge project.

    I love how you did your shelves. I wish I would've thought of that. Great looking build. Looking forward to seeing pics of what that bad boy puts out.
  11. therev46

    Finally done

    Thanks for the compliments. I used 3" chimney pipe and cap from the local hardware store for my exhaust. I was originally going to use automotive exhaust pipe but the cost just made it impractical. All of the exhaust pipe I ended up using cost around $30-$40. I used black pipe for the smoke...
  12. therev46

    Commercial Fridge Build Questions.

    I've read a lot of conflicting opinions and facts about that spray foam insulation. I had a SS commercial fridge I was going to convert but decided against it because I didn't know exactly what kind of spray foam was used. I would do some research if I were you to see if you can find out what...
  13. therev46

    Finally done

  14. IMG_4461.JPG


  15. therev46

    Finally done

  16. IMG_4460.JPG


  17. therev46

    Finally done

  18. IMG_4459.JPG


  19. therev46

    Finally done

  20. IMG_4457.JPG


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