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  1. jlmacc

    pickled hot banana peppers

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I have posted.But I need some help on a good recipe for canning hot banana peppers.I am going to have a couple grocery bags full from a friend and would like a kickass recipe for canning them.I have messed around here and there canning but if you have a really...
  2. jlmacc

    pecan wood

    Hello everyone,  Was wanting your guys take on pecan wood.I have never had the chance to find it and use it.Does it taste a lot like hickory?After researching different hickory trees it seems to be close to the same species.Was just wondering if spending a little extra time finding some would...
  3. jlmacc

    Rump roast

    Hello guys, My wife picked up a rump roast yesterday and I am going to smoke it tomorrow.I was wondering if any of you have any advice for smoking?I would like to eat it medium rare,but do you think it will be tough?I have a feeling it will be.Also what temp would you smoke it at and for how...
  4. jlmacc

    smoke hollow

    Hey guys,anyone have any input on this grill/smoker?Sounds like it is pretty nice.Does anyone know how these tube burners hold up?Thanks...
  5. jlmacc

    weber gas grill?

    Hello guys,  I was wondering your take on weber gas grills.I am looking to buy a gasser and have been looking at webers.I have two charcoal webers now and I love them.But for the price of a weber spirit I can get a pretty nice brinkmann with larger cooking area and all...
  6. jlmacc

    Spice barn

    Hello guys,  I was wondering how many of you have tried Spice barns spices.I just did a a little shopping for some spices I needed.I usually use penzeys,but Spice barn seemed a little cheaper so I thought I would give them a go.Are these quality spices?I hope so because they are on there...
  7. jlmacc


    Hello everyone,  I was wondering what kind a paprika do you guys use in your rubs?In your opinion, is paprika from the dollar store that much different then from say like Penzeys?Just wondering what you guys think.
  8. jlmacc

    Jeff's rub and sauce

    Hello everyone,   I haven't posted for awhile.I stop in time to time to see what everyone has been smoking,but that is about it.I Just purchased Jeff's rub and sauce and cannot wait to try it.Anyone care to share what other meat you use this on other than ribs?Have a great Sunday,and hope to be...
  9. jlmacc


    Hello everyone, I got a few pheasants from a friend of mine.Was wanting to smoke these.Any advice.I thought about injecting with butter and herbs,then wrapping in bacon.What do you think?
  10. jlmacc


    Hello, I need some help here guys.I am looking for a good relish recipe.I have a butt load of cubecumbers and japs,bannana peppers.I need to start doing something with all these.I made some pickles so far.I was wondering if you guys had a good relish recipe.And if I could get a good recipe for...
  11. jlmacc

    whole turkey

    Hey guys, I need some help.I just acuired a 11-13 # turkey from someone who's freezer went out.So I need to do something with this thing.My smoker's heating element is acting up so smoker is down.I do have a weber kettle I was thinking on using.So any tips on how to go about this?Thanks
  12. jlmacc

    pickle recipe

    Hey guys, Wondering if you guys have a really good pickle recipe for canning.Also if you might have one for a refridgerator pickle too?I am getting all kinds of cubecumbers from my garden and I need start doing something with them,Thanks again guys!..Josh
  13. jlmacc

    growing taters

    Hello all, I have a quick question about growing potatoes.I planted some in my garden a few weeks ago and they are sprouting.I read the bag and it said to use straw to cover them up when they get a few inches tall?I have planted them before years ago as a kid and don't remember doing this.Is...
  14. jlmacc

    Fishy taste

    Quick question for you guys.I took a bag of bluegill out of the freezer to thaw.Is there anything I can do to get rid of some of the fishy taste?Thanks!
  15. jlmacc

    High temp cheese

    Hello everyone, I was wondering where you guys order your high temp cheese from?I have only bought a pound at a time from my butcher.I would like to maybe buy ten pounds at a time to save some cash.
  16. jlmacc

    new ABT holder

    My new ABT holder made out of stainless washers.Can't wait to try it out!
  17. jlmacc


    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know if any of you have piped out the exhaust from a bradley smoker.A friend of mine just bought one and has it in his barn and would like to smoke in there.He said he tried to pipe it out a window with a little pipe to just give it a test run and it did not...
  18. jlmacc

    Venison back strap

    Hello guys, My father inlaw got a couple deer this week and I am going to smoke a back strap tomorrow.I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on maybe a rub or something.I have it soaking in italian dressing right now.Just not sure what else to do with it.I thought I would wrap...
  19. jlmacc

    maple wood

    Hello guys, Quick question here.I trimmed some of my maple trees over the weekend,and have some wood from them.I am not sure what type of maple tree it is,are all maples good for smoking?Thanks again guys.
  20. jlmacc

    Ham & Beans

    Wasn't sure where I should have posted this but I guess it will work here.I have some ham to use up,and I was wondering if anyone here has a good ham and bean recipe?Thanks in advance for your help!
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