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  1. wlkwichita

    Boneless leg of lamb

    My son requested lamb for his 14th birthday. I picked up a 4 pound boneless leg from Sams. I did a light application of EVOO and Traegers Prime Rib Seasoning. I smoked it over pecan and apple at 230F.  The internal temp hit 140F after 4 1/2 hours in the smoker. I then placed it on a very hot...
  2. wlkwichita

    Saturday afternoon baby backs

     I did a slightly modified 2-2-1 smoke over pecan wood. Let the ribs stay on the grate for 2 1/2 hours, then foiled for 90 minutes. One additional hour after with foil removed, with some sauce brushed on about 15 minutes prior to completion. All in all, a GOOD day!
  3. wlkwichita

    Sirloin top butt roast with Q-view

    I found a 13.5 pound sirloin top butt roast at Sams. I seasoned it with some garlic powder, coarse salt, and course pepper along with a splash of Dale's seasoning.  I smoked it over pecan wood at an average temperature of 235F After seven hours the internal temp hit 135F, so I pulled it and let...
  4. wlkwichita

    Ribs and chicken with Qview

     HMMM.... post in pork or poultry? The ribs went into the smoker first, so Pork forum it is. Did three racks of spares and five pounds of chicken leq quarters. Cooked over pecan at an average temp of 230F. Did a basic 3-2-1 for the spares, and placed the chicken in the bottom at the end of...
  5. wlkwichita

    Chucky Saturday with Qview

    I had two three pound chuck roasts begging to meet their fate in the smoker. Friday night I applied some mustard and a light application of Emeril's rub(Just what was handy at the time).  I ventured out to the smoker early this morning with coffee in hand. I had cut up some pecan branches the...
  6. wlkwichita

    Easter dinner Prime Rib with Qview

     I smoked this 5 pound cut over pecan wood from a neighbors grove. They have been burning it in the fireplace!! I used some EVOO, coarse pepper, garlic salt, and a bit of Famous Dave's meat seasoning. After rubbing it with the seasoning it went back in the fridge overnight. Smoked at an average...
  7. wlkwichita

    My first smoked turkey with Qview

    I found a 12 pound Riverside turkey on sale and went to work. I used Tip's Slaughterhouse brine for about 20 hours of brining. I used a brine bag, placing it in a cooler and added some ice around it. It sat in a cold corner of the garage. I checked the temperature often.  After rinsing and...
  8. wlkwichita

    Wagon train biscuits in Dutch oven (1842 recipe)

    I saw a neat recipe for biscuits Soda biscuits are a different breed from the canned dough these days. These tasted like a biscuit/pancake hybrid. Very tasty with jam or bacon!! Below is the recipe and the link for it I found.  My Lodge oven is pretty deep. The biscuits had to be turned to...
  9. wlkwichita

    Ham in the Dutch oven with Qview

    I had a smallish ham, and my son and I decided to prepare it in our Dutch oven. At seven pounds we still had to cut one section away to get it all in the Lodge DO. We laid the cut piece in the DO next to the main ham. I double lined the DO with foil for easy cleanup.  We poked whole cloves all...
  10. wlkwichita

    Pumpkin pie/cake with Qview

    It is the time of year for pumpkin pie:) I went to Byron's Dutch Oven recipes and found a gem! Pumpkin Delight!! http://papadutch.home.comcast.net/~papadutch/dutch-oven-recipe-pumpkindelight.htm Great recipe!!!!
  11. wlkwichita

    Sunday chicken dinner in Lodge Dutch oven with Qview

     I cooked our Sunday dinner in our Lodge Dutch oven. I put some oil in the bottom and browned the taters first. I then made a bed of carrots and a few of the taters and put in the seasoned chicken along with a can of chicken broth. The remaining taters and a sliced onion were then added...
  12. wlkwichita

    Dutch Oven dessert with Qview

      Today I showed the kids some basics of Dutch Oven cookery. Making a tasty dessert certainly gets the attention of young folks! We made what I will now call Chocolate Surprise cake. I found this recipe at http://papadutch.home.comcast.net/~papadutch/   The recipe: Mix 1 1/2 cups hot water...
  13. wlkwichita

    Saturday brisket with Q-view

     I was up before the sun this fine morning to smoke this brisket for dinner. I used a minimal selection of seasonings, some garlic salt, coarse pepper, and a few shakes of Famous Daves steak seasoning. It all worked, the meat was moist, tender and flavorful.  I cut up a loaf of frwnch bread to...
  14. wlkwichita

    Grill drip guard material

    A grill rather than smoker question.  I have replaced the burners and cooking grates on my gas grill. When I looked at the price for the drip or splatter guards that go over the burners I was shocked. $12 for generic ones times three??  What material would be safe? It seems to me I could buy...
  15. wlkwichita

    Friday the 13th Tri Tip with Qview

     Even Friday the 13th didn't mess this up!! I seasoned with a light coat of EVOO and some garlic salt and coarse pepper. Tri tip was smoked over pecan at 230F. It took the meat about two hours to hit 135F internal. I let it rest for a couple of minutes and then tossed it on a hot grill for...
  16. wlkwichita

    BB ribs and Dutch's Wicked beans with Qview

     I took baby backs and beans to work today as a lunch treat for my co-workers. The ribs were the typical 2-2-1 over pecan, lightly brushed with Sweet Baby Rays thirty minutes before completion. There were no leftovers.  The ribs were awesome, but the baked beans were also a HUGE hit. I have...
  17. wlkwichita

    Saturday ribs with Qview

     Pulled the membrane and applied a light coat of Jeff's Rub. Did a basic 2-2-1 over pecan with the temp averaging 240F. It is amazing that meat that is slow cooked for five hours can become a pleasant memory in a very short time!!! No leftovers!
  18. wlkwichita

    Spareribs with Qview

    I did two racks of spares today. Nothing fancy, a 3-2-1 session over apple. At the three hour mark, I foiled the racks and poured half a can of Dr. Pepper over each rack. Halfway through the last hour I brushed on some Sweet baby Rays.  And yes....that beagle is spoiled rotten. She is even a...
  19. wlkwichita

    Yet another Prime Rib thread, with QView

      Ahh yes. holiday time when prime rib is on sale. I prepared a 6 pounder today. This cut had better marbling than previous purchases. I also cut the bone "almost" free, and bound the roast with butchers twine. I apllied a light amount of EVOO, and then some garlic salt and fresh cracked pepper...
  20. wlkwichita

    Weekend Prime Rib with Q-View

     Welll...choice maybe, but VERY yummy!!! Did a minimal seasoning of garlic salt and coarse pepper. I smoked it over pecan at 240F to an internal temp of 138F. I then wrapped it in foil to rest for 10 minutes or so, then served. Almost seven pounds of wonderful meat was gone in about 15 minutes!!
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