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  1. driwash

    Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts w/ Q-View

    I know what is for dinner on Friday night,,,,,,,,,,your chicken in bacon,,,,,,, that looks great.  Tom
  2. driwash

    Smoked my First Turkey ( Qview)

    Chubbabubba,    I just left it in the smoker and no basting.  I was also surprised how nice the skin crisped up.  The meat inside was moist and tender.  Just got lucky.   I did not take a picture of the inside, we started to eat and it was all gone by the time dinner was over.  I will have to do...
  3. driwash

    Smoked Meatballs

    raptor,  those look very good,  I will have to try that out also.  What temp and how long?  congrats on the front page. Tom
  4. driwash

    Smoked my First Turkey ( Qview)

    Thanks for all the congrats.  Can' believe my bird made it to the Home Page QView.  I am just a rookie at this, just got lucky. But most of all I have to give the credit to the many of you on this site that have posted how-to's.  Again thanks. Tom
  5. driwash

    Smoked my First Turkey ( Qview)

    Smoked at 240 deg. for 5.5 hrs.    
  6. driwash

    Smoked my First Turkey ( Qview)

    Here is my First smoked Turkey, 12lbs of sweet smoked turkey meat.  I brined it over night and smoked it for 5.5 hours.  The brine was salt, brown suger, garlic, onion and cajun spices.  Wife and mother-law loved it.  Very moist, crisp skin and in side temp was 170 deg.  I know many of you have...
  7. smoked turkey.BMP

    smoked turkey.BMP

  8. smoked turkey.BMP

    smoked turkey.BMP

  9. smoked turkey.BMP

    smoked turkey.BMP

  10. driwash

    Smoked ribs and chicken for the Family today

    I tried to resize larger hope this helps.
  11. bbq 2.jpg

    bbq 2.jpg

  12. bbq 5.jpg

    bbq 5.jpg

  13. driwash

    Smoked ribs and chicken for the Family today

    (I Posted a larger picture of ribs in post below) spare ribs / babyback ribs, and chicken,  6 hour of pure fun.  The family love the smoked meat.  Feed 8 very hungry relatives,  I think I am in trouble, they are already planing my next smoking section for me. Sure is great to see everyone with...
  14. bbq 2.jpg

    bbq 2.jpg

  15. bbq 1.jpg

    bbq 1.jpg

  16. driwash

    Howdy from Cental Floria

    Thanks for the warm welcomes,  I did order the Maverick ET-732  today. Tom
  17. driwash

    Howdy from Cental Floria

    My name is Tom and I am a noobie to smoking.  I have BBQed (grilling for many yrs).  52 yrs old and ready to learn from y'all.  My wife Rhonda loves the way I cook.  So I am here to learn from the best.  I bought a MES 40" and have smoked chichen and ribs so far.  With good results. I have been...
  18. driwash

    MES 40 - Troubleshoot cause of temp reading on display higher than actual temps

    Can you please show a picture of how you placed the foil over smoke box and what are the measurements of the foil?  Thanks for the tip.  can you sent that to my message bax also? Tom  
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  20. IMG_0025.JPG


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