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  1. walterwhite

    Grilled Chicken Pinwheels (Q-view)

    Q-view is a bit of a misnomer since this is grilled, not smoked. Chicken pinwheels were 69¢/lb so I snagged a bag. I also grilled some zucchini from the garden as well as some corn on the cob. It's partially cooked here. By the time the chicken was done, the corn husks were charred and the...
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  3. Grilled Chicken Pinwheels (Q-view)

    Grilled Chicken Pinwheels (Q-view)

  4. walterwhite

    cherry score

    That's beautiful! I really like cherry for fish.
  5. walterwhite

    First ribs, a bit dry and tough

    Heat can transfer three ways: Convection - this is where some fluid (air, products of combustion) absorbs heat from something hot (coals) and carries it to something not as hot (meat.)Conduction - heat moves through a solid. This is how heat gets to the inside of a piece of meat. When you drop...
  6. walterwhite

    cherry score

    My name is Walt and I have a problem. I collect smoking wood. I scan logs people leave by the side of the road to identify oak, maple, hickory. I've also gotten crab apple and cherry that way. I've trimmed mulberry, box elder, black walnut and cherry from my yard. I too have studied the "free...
  7. walterwhite

    Which wood for which meat

    I've used cherry for tilapia and salmon and found it to be one of my favorites.  My notes on Black Walnut indicate it was light colored and very subtle.
  8. walterwhite

    Saucing Ribs on an ECB

    I agree with saucing at the table. Some of your guests may surprise you by enjoying the ribs without sauce. As for the corn... My solution would be to have another grill on hand on which to cook the corn. Do you really want to do the corn at the same temperature as the ribs? Or finish the ribs...
  9. walterwhite

    First ribs, a bit dry and tough

    I'm not familiar with typical drum smokers. Does it have something between the coals and the meat? If not, it may be putting more heat on the ribs than you expected. Was the meat pulling back on the bones when you foiled? I'll speculate they might have been on the fire a little too long. I use...
  10. walterwhite

    My favorite rib rub? I'm still not sure. (Q-view)

    I need to thank some friends for some help they've given me and it's not the kind of debt I cannot pay with money so I decided to make a batch of ribs and share with them. I chose back loin ribs this time which come 3 racks/package at Sam's Club. With an extra grate in my WSM, I can lay six...
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  12. walterwhite

    Beef Tongue

    Hi LGHT, My notes say "boiled a couple hours until I could peel the skin." I smoked it in my mini which seems to read on the low side. Temps were about 210°  F but it seems to cook more like it's about 225°. I pulled it in about 3+ hours when the internal temp hit 175°. My notes indicate I...
  13. walterwhite

    What's your BBQ/Grilling adventure for 2012?

    There are lots of great plans for the coming year.  I hope they all work out! Around here it has been easy to get an early start to the year since we've had a pretty warm January for the most part.  Friday I grilled a steak over charcoal after having finished some baked potatoes and a fire...
  14. walterwhite

    What's your BBQ/Grilling adventure for 2012?

    Stan - sounds like you've got a lot of big events. I hope they all go well and you get to be a hero at each one!  adiochiro3 - pork shots sound great. I'll have to give them a go. Think I'll go with pepper bacon for those. I did shrimp once on my mini-WSM and my notes indicated that I went with...
  15. walterwhite

    What's your BBQ/Grilling adventure for 2012?

    I had a terrific year for smoking, BBQ and grilling.I expanded my equipment (too much!) and tried a bunch of new things. Among highlights for this last year: Beef back ribs.Atomic Buffalo Turds.Grilled bananasRoasted red peppers (for a hummus like dip)Beef brisketBlackened (sort of) fish.Grilled...
  16. walterwhite

    Grilling chops and brining (with Q-view)

    Nothing special. I like to oil the meat I grill to help keep it from sticking so I mix some peanut oil with salt, pepper and some fresh rosemary. And some mashed garlic. My desire for these was to get the grate good and hot to get a good sear and take them off while they were still rare.
  17. walterwhite

    Sunday chicken dinner in Lodge Dutch oven with Qview

    I'm glad that came out well. That looks like a lot of charcoal on the lid. 
  18. walterwhite

    Harvesting your own smoke woods questions

    You can use the cedar for planks for cooking fish and probably similar stuff. That's not the same as burning wood to make smoke. I'd give it a try. It would be pretty cool to plank salmon on planks you made yourself. As to your first question, various smokers are designed to use either wood or...
  19. walterwhite

    Android App: What would you want?

    Hi Salt, Thanks for your comments. I anticipated your suggestion WRT comments with the temperature log because that's exactly what I do. As far as the weapon of choice, that gets to a design decision regarding structure. Ordinarily I note which of my cookers I'm using in what I'd classify as...
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