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  1. wolfman1955

    Bday dinner

    Wow that meat looks good!! Up at 4 am now that is true brotherly love!! Good luck on your smoke! I'm betting it will be great! Keep Smokin!!! Wolf
  2. wolfman1955

    Smoking Classes

    Have you done the 5 Day course that is on this site?
  3. wolfman1955

    Shipping a Lang price opinion

    The only ones I got was the upper 1/2 grate and the aluminum sear/grill grates. I use both of them quite often. 
  4. wolfman1955

    Shipping a Lang price opinion

    I have had my YS640 for 2.5 years and love it. Wolf.
  5. wolfman1955

    Remote Thermometer

    I looked at these and the reviews are similar to the Maverick. Some one in the Q/A section said the probe wires are 40" long. Keep Smokin!!! Wolf!!!
  6. wolfman1955

    1st attempt at Jerky in MES 40

    I would suggest doing a mail box mod and getting an AMNPS and some pellets. With this mod you can have smoke at any temperature. Keep Smokin!!! Wolf!!!
  7. wolfman1955

    Mailbox Mod for a Smoke Hollow 44" Propane

    Glad I could help!! Keep Smokin!!! Wolf
  8. wolfman1955

    Mailbox Mod for a Smoke Hollow 44" Propane

    Here is how I did mine. You lose the grease drip pan. But I always used foil pans under my meat anyway. I don't know how handy you are but it wouldn't take much to rig this up so the mailbox had a shelf or some sort of support to keep it off of the ground thus making it more mobile...
  9. wolfman1955

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Mr T as the weather changes and the days grow longer and warmer the MES gets moved closer and closer to the house under our covered patio. In the middle of the summer the patio area right next to the house starts getting shaded around 8:30 in the morning. Keep Smokin!!! Wolf
  10. wolfman1955

    Vacuum Sealer Bags & Supplies - Discount Coupon

    I sent Lisa B a pm inquiring about the Feb. code. I need some things also!
  11. wolfman1955

    First time smoking venison summer sausage with complete recipe and how to guide

    I made a #10 batch of this using 80/20 beef last month, and man it sure is good!! I know Keep Smokin!!! Wolf
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  13. wolfman1955

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Yes I vac pac, then put them on a shelf in the garage/kitchen that you see in the pictures. I keep it, the garage, heated to 50 deg this time of year. If it gets above 60 deg in there I put them in the fridge. I will not touch these for at least a month, more than likely not till the end of...
  14. wolfman1955

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Well I got my little batch of cheese out LOL and looks good and smells outstanding!! Keep Smokin!! Wolf
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  16. wolfman1955

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Yes it is a good amount, but the whole family loves smoked cheese so I will help restock them also. It's also my job to provide the cheese plate at our many family gatherings during the year. I will probably go back to the grocer and get another 20lb before the sale ends. Keep Smokin!!! Wolf
  17. Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

  18. wolfman1955

    Just seemed like a cheese day!!

    Local grocer had these 8 oz. blocks for $1.88 and I needed to restock so into that thin apple wood smoke it goes!!! See ya in three hours cheese!! Got 2 kinds of Cedar, Mozzarella, Colby Jack, Colby, Hot Pepper, and Swiss. It's 55 deg. outside so I thought I better monitor my chamber temps...
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