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  1. slingerland

    Long-term storage of smoked brisket

    About an hour ago, I started a 7 lb brisket flat for my family.  In the last few minutes, a minor emergency has come up, and my wife and sons have left the house for the day.  So this evening, I'll have a 7 lb brisket flat to myself. Option #1 is to eat.  A lot.  Pig out.  Be a glutton.  And...
  2. slingerland

    Christmas Eve Chuck Roast

    My family has a tradition on Christmas Eve: I cook a pot roast in the slow cooker, make homemade bread, steam some asparagus and broccoli and then we watch "A Christmas Carol" (Patrick Stewart version.)  But this year the family wanted me to mix it up a bit, so I decided to smoke the chuckie...
  3. slingerland

    Smoker temp is too low!

    Okay, I'm having "fun" (yeah, right) with my Cajun Bandit rig ("Gambit") and keeping the temps UP. In all my past cooks, I've had good control using a Minion snake method.  Today I'm doing two slabs of babybacks, and for the first time ever, I can't get the temp up where I want it.  I'm running...
  4. slingerland

    WSM Maiden Voyage w/ Chuckie - Q-VIEW

    Last November, my family gave me a new Weber Smokey Mountain smoker for my birthday.  I've previously used a propane gasser and a Weber OTG with a Cajun Bandit extender, but I've always wanted a WSM. The weather has not cooperated over the winter, so today is the first chance I've had to use...
  5. slingerland

    50th Birthday Party-Q with Q-VIEW

    I just turned 50, and my wife asked me what I wanted to do for it.  So (tongue-in-cheek) I suggested a local steakhouse.  She took me seriously and said "WHAT?  We'll have 15 family members coming!  I can't afford to take us all out to eat there!!!"  Then after a moment she saw me grin ans...
  6. slingerland

    Smoking ahead of the event

    Good morning!  I have a situation, and I would like to ask everybody's advice, please! Next Saturday will be a major family event, and I'm doing BBQ for it.  My plans at the moment are for a pork butt and a beef chuck roast, both of which the family likes.  But looking at the weather forecast...
  7. slingerland

    Happy 4th - First Shoulder

    Good morning!  Tomorrow I am taking a pork shoulder to my in-laws for the 4th, so I started cooking... well... yesterday .  I have two smokers: my Cajun Bandit modified Weber OTG, and a Smoke Hollow No. 6 gasser.  I work from home, and my office is next to the patio, so I decided to use the...
  8. slingerland

    Pork Shoulder - sanity check

    Good afternoon!  I'm thinking about smoking a pork shoulder on July 4th, but there are a couple of speedbumps I have to deal with: I have to take the finished (and resting) product to my in-laws' house that afternoon, which is an hour away.  And my wife will want to leave as early in the...
  9. slingerland

    Babybacks - vertical spacing in a cabinet smoker

    Good afternoon, I have just one more question.  As I mentioned in a another thread today, I'll be breaking in my new Smoke Hollow #6 smoker with babyback ribs.  I'll be putting a full slab per rack, so I'll have to go vertically.  Trying to smoke 3 slabs (forget the veggies!) Is there a...
  10. slingerland

    BB - rack too wide, split in half?

    Good morning! This weekend I'll be smoking my first sets of babyback ribs on my smoker.  This morning I discovered a slight slitch in my plans... the racks are about 2" longer than the interior width of my smoker.  They won't quite fit diagonally either.  So to get the ribs into the smoker...
  11. slingerland

    Masterbuilt XL or Smoke Hollow No. 6?

    Good evening!  I've been doing a lot of smoking using my Cajun Bandit conversion of a Weber OTG, but I'm looking to buy a propane smoker for the "simple" cooks where I don't want to mess with charcoal.  Cost is a consideration... my budget is low.  Also I have a specific requirement: I can smoke...
  12. slingerland

    QVIEW - Babyback Ribs with my Cajun Bandit Extender

    A couple of weeks back, I bought an extender from Cajun Bandit and modified it to be a low-budget smoker: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/128162/cajun-bandits-bbq-stacker   Today is the big day... I finally get to try her out! First, rub the babybacks with my custom rub.  It's based on Myron...
  13. slingerland

    Cajun Bandit's BBQ Stacker

    I've posted a couple of times the past few weeks. I'm a novice smoker... caught the bug by watching Season 1 of BBQ Pitmasters. And I've been trying to learn how, before spending a lot of money on a smoker. I had always used propane to grill steaks, and a couple of years back my wife gave me a...
  14. slingerland

    Pork Loin w/ Q-View... not a promising start

    Well, today I planned to do a small pork loin.  I'm still using my Weber OTG as a smoker.  Last night I bought what I thought was a nice, 3 pound pork loin from Kroger.  But this morning, I opened it up to find it was NOT a single cut piece of meat, but rather TWO loins wrapped together.  Both...
  15. slingerland

    Planning a chuck roast for tomorrow

    Okay, maybe this is being overly ambitious... I'm planning on smoking the first time using my Weber 22" kettle.  So far all my smoking has been done on a Brinkman 4 burnger propane grill, and I see the need for a dedicated smoker.  I'm looking at many options including a Weber Smokey Mountain...
  16. slingerland

    Poor man's WSM?

    This may sound silly... but could I use a Pro-Q WSM stacker with a Weber 18" kettle to make a poor man's WSM? Pro-Q: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRO-Q-BBQ-PROQ-WSM-STACKER-FOR-WEBER-SMOKEY-MOUNTAIN-NEW-IN-BOX-/290665949432?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43ad0a68f8
  17. slingerland

    Hello from Arkansas!

    I am a newbie to smoking, but earlier this year I caught the bug.  I saw the first season of BBQ Pitmasters and decided that Myron Mixon reminds me a lot of my father... horse's rump personality but secretly kind... so I started watching and trying to learn. So far I've been using a Brinkman...
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