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    Gravity Feed Cabinet Smoker

    Looking great. Please keep us posted with updated pictures.
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    Mason Dixon BBQ Boot Camp?

    Know nothing about the class, but use to live not to far Green Castle in Maryland. Really pretty area. Not far from Antietam and Gettysburg if you are at all into Civel war stuff, both worth checking out. Love the apple orchards on the slopes of the mountains near Gettysburg.
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    Video games?

    I pretty much only play Bethesda games. I.e Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchise games. I got hooked on Elder Scrolls Morrowind close to twenty years ago, and then migrated to its successors Oblivion and Skyrim. Got into some of the Fallout games after that which are similar in structure. Of...
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    Fishing Rods Suggestions from you Fisherman

    I have always like Penn Reels. Their rods are just ok, but you can usually find their rod and reel combos for not much more than just the reel alone costs you. I’d look for either a fierce or battle combo in a size suitable for what you are intending to fish for. The Battle is a better reel...
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    Publix $.49 per pound Turkeys

    I’ve cooked both together and honestly like the Publix birds quite a bit better.
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    Publix $.49 per pound Turkeys

    I bought two from Publix and they wife bought 2, then my daughter bought another. Freezer is full of Turkeys. 1 for Thanksgiving. Rest will be for later cooks. With briskets ridiculously expensive, I will be cooking other meats this year.
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    Educate me on stick burner smokers

    The listed ones are all top quality units that will last forever. If you want something to try out and see if you like it, something like a Old Country Pecos would be worth looking for. It won’t last a lifetime, and won’t draft as well as a better unit, but will give you the ability to try...
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    Finally finished my bags of Kingsford briquettes, so I figured now is the time to try out a new fuel source, but had a few questions..

    I really like Kingsford professional completion briquettes. I get them at Costco. They are lighter, burn hotter and have less ash.
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    Buying a chain saw

    Gas is what I would recommend. Get ethanol free gas and use a mix. Easy leash and you want have the clogged carb problems. Unless you are just cutting smaller branches, I’d skip the battery models. As far as brands, hard to beat Stihl and Echo chainsaws. I have one of each (18” Stihl and 10”...
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    You are missing time as a factor in this. Meat only picks up smoke flavor at lower temperatures. If you cook it lower and slower in will pick up more smoke flavor, assuming you have smoke flavor for it to pick up.
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    I’m not sure it works that way in a Gravity. You cut the air and it may burn 2” in the chute, add more air, you may burn 4”. Still thin blue smoke, but one is a smaller fire and one is a larger fire that burns more fuel. At least that is how I am thinking it works. My Gravity feed tends to...
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    From my experience temperature plays a huge roll. Also colder meats absorb more smoke flavor. Same principle used by pellet smokers where they cook for extended periods at lower temps.
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    I like running my bigger meats like Briskett and Butts at 275 In my GF. It cooks about the speed I like and I think it keeps more moisture in the meat. Stuff like ribs though, I often cook lower to get more smoke on them. That lower temp smoldering wood in the Ash pan does pass through the fire...
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    Good comparison. I would sugggest cooking differently next time. Run your stick burner the way you prefer and the Gravity to promote smoke flavor. I do see more smoke flavor at lower temps. It smolders the wood in the ash bin for a longer time. May want to see if that makes a difference,
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    Ash bin. I empty it before I place wood in it. B&B is a company that mostly produces quality lump charcoal and briquettes. They also have hardwood chunks sold in bags. Most hardwood sold in bags I wouldnt touch, but B&Bs is decent. If you can harvest your own wood though, that is better.
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    Rust inside brand new Pit Boss smoker - need advice

    That’s really nothing. Just bare metal rust patina. Spray Pam or some other oil on it and it will burn off on your first cook, and turn black with the smoke creosote going through it.
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    Gravity fed lacks smoke flavour

    On my Gravity, I can easily get too much smoke. Cooking temps have a lot to do with it. 225 and loaded with wood in the bin, and you produce way too much smoke for big meats like a butt. For Brisket, I like running at 275 and I place similar sized chunks of wood in with the charcoal...
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    WSM, what makes it different from a drum?

    I always hate cleaning my UDS, so much so that I quite using it completely once I got my Gravity fed smoker. Seemed like a pain in the arse. Always get covered in grease when cleaning. Never had a WSM, but think I would like the ability to disassemble it for easier cleaning,
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    Fed up with stuck auger/startup issues

    Get you one of the 5 gallon bucket vacuums they have at places like Home Depot. They don‘t cost much at all, and you can suck the pellets right out, and you have a place to store the pellets. Congrats on the new Rec Teq. They make a good product.
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    First try with smoker

    Lucky bastard.
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