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    Recommendation needed - cost effective flavorful pellets

    So the title says it. I am looking for a fairly cost effective pellet to use in my new bargain priced Smoke Hollow pellet grill. I am used to the results from my WSM and I know that's not a fair comparison. I've done a few cooks using Traeger Hickory pellets and the smoke flavor has been...
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    What is your process for smoking racks of short ribs?

    So I have 2 racks of beef short ribs I'm planning on doing on the WSM this weekend. Only one problem I have no idea how to prep, smoke (temp), and general process for cooking them. I've seen some beauties posted here. So what is everyone's process for doing beef short ribs? Rack 1 Rack 2
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    First brisket underway

    There isn't too many reasons I get up at 3am - hunting, fishing, and now brisket. As the title says I'm underway on my first 13 lb brisket. I'm sure there will be a few lessons coming out of this. My approach is to season with SP and she's on the WSM with hickory and oak chunks at 250...
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    New kitchen knives

    Since we were talking about new kitchen knives in another thread, I wanted to show off my new toys with a group that may appreciate it more than my wife. Anyway my new yaxell knives came in and are scary sharp. I still need a few more to complete the "set" of what I need. The knives so far...
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    Chucky Roast today

    In preparation for doing a brisket next weekend I used a 3.5lb chuck roast as an experiment on technique and seasoning. I only underestimated the cook time by 3 hours. My wife said her pieces near the ends were a little dry. That may have been because I tried to ride out the stall but gave up...
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    First time doing baby backs

    Just want to say thanks to everyone that provided tips and pointers. I crammed 4 racks of baby backs on the 18 wsm yesterday. I followed the recommended 3,2,1 process and had the best FOTB ribs. So simple a caveman can do it. Can't wait to do them again.
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    First attempt at ribs coming up any pointers?

    So this weekend I'll be attempting to do baby back ribs for the first time. In the past we have cooked the ribs in the oven in a roasting pan with apple juice/water and then finished on the grill and the ribs were good. Now that I have a smoker the oven is just not going to cut it. Reading...
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    Advice on Sirloin Tip Roast and London Broil

    So I plan on doing a London Broil and Sirloin Tip Roast on the WSM tomorrow. I have yet to smoke any beef and I'm not quite sure where to start as far as temp, seasoning, and estimated cook time. I say estimated cook time because I need to plan appropriately if this will take 10hrs versus...
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    Any experience with DigiQ or CyberQ temp controllers

    I am hoping someone is willing to share their experiences with the BBQ Guru DigiQ or CyberQ temp controllers with a WSM. The black friday sales have seriously considering picking one up for those longer smokes. What is the good, the bad, the ugly. I am typically using my smoker 2-3 times a...
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    Took my new wsm for a test run today

    I'm still figuring out where to put things in the forum but I think this is the right place for bs type topics. If it's not my apologies. Well on to the interesting part. I took my new to me wsm out for a dry run today to get familiar with how it will behave. I am surprised at how simple...
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    What do you consider essential smoking accessories, tools along with other questions

    I am new to smoking and found a like new 18 WSM at a price I couldn't pass up. So now that I have a smoker I realize there is an untold number of tools, accessories, and gadgets out there. I am hoping some of you are willing to chime in on what are the worthwhile and must have tools and...
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    Not sure where to start kamado cooker, pellet smoker, or something else?

    I am new to smoking meat. I have enjoyed some delicious smoked meats my friends has prepared the past few years on his masterbuilt electric cabinet smoker. This weekend the wife and I stopped at the local hardware store where they were doing a demo with the BGE and Traegars. We loved the free...
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