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  1. bamaboy

    Chicken Marsala Fatty w/Q-view

    That looks very good.made the mistake of showing my wife.now its on my got to try list.lol.dang now im hungry.good job bud.
  2. bamaboy

    Hello from Alabama

    Welcome,I am also from the Birmingham area.
  3. bamaboy

    Hello from Alabama

    Glad to have more folks from Alabama on board.Welcome
  4. bamaboy

    Fatties 3 Ways

    Very Nice.
  5. bamaboy

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

      “If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke __Bacon__________ for Thanksgiving.” 
  6. bamaboy

    Memorial Day charcoal sales!

    Might be worth checking your local lowes, mine did not enforce the limit.I bought 3 twin packs, guy in front of me bought 6.
  7. bamaboy

    Charcoal now on sale at Lowes!!

    Sales flyer says limit of 2, but believe me I just bought 3 at sales price.the guy in front of me bought 6
  8. bamaboy

    Charcoal now on sale at Lowes!!

    No limit at my lowes.
  9. bamaboy

    adventures in LA- brick smoker

  10. bamaboy

    health department interruption

  11. bamaboy

    new equipment

    Did you find it?Could it have been Butcher Packer supply?I buy alot from them,good prices on bulk seasonings and such.
  12. bamaboy

    Pics - would you bother smoking these?

    Way too cold for me,I always cook the end and trimings for snacks,give some to my German Shepards,smoke it all brother,smoke it all.
  13. bamaboy

    Whats your favorite fat?

    Pork is the common fat added,tho have heard of some using bear fat(yuck).
  14. bamaboy

    Another new guy from Alabama

    Welcome aboard from Birmingham.
  15. bamaboy

    Hello from KS

    Welcome,there is plenty of knowledge around here.
  16. bamaboy


    the first thing i plan to smoke if i win is BACON and a side of BACON
  17. bamaboy

    Thank you for your prayers

    Well we made it thru the tornado,my family's ok.We lost a cat and a lot of possessions,but all the stuff can be replaced.I lost my mes,my gas grill and all my smoking/cooking tools but my rf build survived.it was tossed about 30 ft ,broke the latched and gauges but didn't break a weld,lol.I will...
  18. bamaboy

    Rear-Facing Reverse-Flow Barbecue Trailer

    Oh yeah,looks good bro
  19. bamaboy

    The Big Build

    Awesome man,I cant wait to see her finished
  20. bamaboy


    Hello all,has anyone had any dealings with lightobject.com.There prices seem a little to good to be true.PIDs for 35-40 bucks?.I have no idea about these things but have been researching for a build and found this website.any advise or input appreciated
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