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  1. msmith

    The Ron Man has left us

    Rest In peace RonP
  2. msmith

    HVAC School. Good idea?

    I also have been in the HVAC field for 33 yrs now. Been out on my own for 10 yrs now. I mostly do service/repair and replacement on residental and light commercial. I learned by hands on training starting out by installing duct work and worked my way up from there. From all the replys you have...
  3. msmith

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.
  4. msmith

    New Reverse Flow Build

    Yeah Id like to see some pics of that myself.
  5. msmith

    New Member from Texas

    Welcome from another Texan and keep the smoke stack smoking.
  6. msmith

    I'm back...

    Merry Christmas to you Rich.
  7. msmith

    Southern Oregon Thanksgiving

    Looks mighty fine to me great job.
  8. msmith

    Newbie from Nebraska

    Welcome aboard glad to have you along for the ride.
  9. msmith

    Happy Birthday JimmyJoeBob & bbqfans

    Happy Birthday have a great one.
  10. msmith

    Thanksgiving Pig

    Well after 8 hrs running the smoker at 250* I finally got the little rooter to 170* internal. I took the readings from the front shoulder and one of the hams. Didn't get any pics after the slicing and pulling due to camera malfuction. But did manage to get a finished shot and a pic of the...
  11. msmith

    Best way to clean an oil tank for smoking?

    Very nice smoker bearcarver.
  12. msmith

    A small picnic question

    That glaze sounds real good I would wait and put it on about 30 min before pulling it off the smoker.
  13. msmith

    Lost Sheep Checking In

    Thanks for the welcome its good to be back home again.
  14. msmith

    Best way to clean an oil tank for smoking?

    I agree with meat hunter build a fire in it and let it burn all day, it will burn out all the oil and make a good smoker.
  15. msmith

    Thanksgiving Pig

    Yeah I know its turkey day but I would rather have something diffrent. Got this little rooter from the piney woods of east tx over the weekend. Had it brining overnight in a 50/50 mix of apple juice and water. Coated it with evoo and rubbed down with jeffs rub. Put it on the smoker at 4:30 this...
  16. msmith

    Lost Sheep Checking In

    Well it's been a long time since I checked in and looks like iv'e missed a lot. I think that I remember how to smoke and will find out today for sure. Looking forward to being around more often and catching back up with everyone. Hope that everyone has a happy thanksgiving and looking forward to...
  17. msmith

    Anyone need any construction?

    Its the same here as well Im a self employed a/c contractor and this has been the worst yr that I have seen in a long time.
  18. msmith

    Anyone in the Ft. Worth area?

    Dawn do you have a phone number or an address where this smoker is located at. I have a lot of free time today and can go check it out for you. Here is my cell phone number if they want to call me and let me know where there located at **********.
  19. msmith

    Smoked Cabbage

    Well I havent posted in a while been very busy. I cant believe this old post survived the crash. Tried to find an old pic but have cleaned out all the old ones on my pc. The best way to cook this without using a pan or bowl is after you have it ready is to pull off a big piece of foil then take...
  20. msmith

    I think I have something like the swine flu!

    Just wait and the way our government is going smoking on our smokers will be outlawed just like everything else has been.
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