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  1. jmastera

    Lots of Delicious Piggy Piggy

    Que'ing up some Shoulder, Ribs, Sausage and Beans for dinner and some coworkers today.  Shoulder started at 5am, about 6 hours in dropped in the ribs.  Been running in the 230's with the new smoke chamber on the side. Close up. Tossed in the beans and sausage about 20 mins ago.
  2. jmastera

    My first smoke ring

    If you look at when I joined you might not believe the title, but today I really did get my first smoke ring.  I've been using my home built refrig smoker with hot plates for a while now, and always had amazing tasting flavor but never a smoke ring.  Last weekend I added a firebox (used an old...
  3. jmastera

    What should I do next?

    So Iâ€8482ve done a Pork Butt, Brisket, Ribs and a Turkey. What do you guys\gals think I should do next? I want to keep trying new things; the wife wants me to do another turkey (we still have leftovers). I don't want to get crazy and do ostrich or anything, but I want to maybe try a cut of...
  4. jmastera

    First Turkey - Gobble Gobble

    Didn't take any prep pics, but here is everything finished. The turkey just came out, the cabbage still has another 20 mins or so so I will post pics on that a little bit later.
  5. jmastera

    Chips, Chuncks or Pellets?

    I currently use chips which I bought for my Smoke Hollow, but now that I am almost finished with the WOPR I was wondering if I should use something different. Waht are the benefits \ downfalls to each? I have had good burns with the chips so far but would chunks or pellets work better in a...
  6. jmastera

    To thaw or not to thaw. That is the question.

    Seems like a silly question, but I can't be the first to wonder. Other than the obvious, that an unthawed bird won't take as much flavor from the brine as a thawed one, is there any danger in not thawing it prior to the brine. To me it would seem that it could speed up the thaw time by...
  7. jmastera

    Smoker Racks

    So I am doing a frdige mod into a smoker: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=3315 The fridge only came with 1 rack adn being that it was built in the 40's parts are hard to come by. I was thinking of using something similar to what Zardnok has welded into his smoker but I am not...
  8. jmastera

    Mile High Rub and Sauce

    Here is my Spice Rub and BBQ Sauce Now the portions make a lot which is fine by me cause I use both on everything so any leftovers from a smoke is a good thing. Rub: 3/4 Cup Kosher Salt 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1/4 Cup Paprika 1/2 Cup Cumin 1/2 Cup Cayenne 1/4 Cup Celery Salt 1/4 Cup Garlic Powder...
  9. jmastera

    The WOPR

    So instead of cutting holes in my brand new (twice used) Smoke Hollow Electric to possibly fix a vent issue, I have decided to do a little project. I am going to convert an old Kelvinator Refrigerator into a smoker. I am driving down the Pueblo CO this Sunday to pick it up. A guy I found on...
  10. jmastera

    MMMMMM Lobster

    Anyone ever do smoked whole or tail lobsters. I love me some lobster but would be a little leary of smoking it. Not sure what woods would go well.
  11. jmastera

    Smoke Hollow Vent Mod

    After reading a couple of posts I think that my meat is being steamed more than smoked. While I can def. taste the smoky flavor I do not get a smoke ring and I do not see much in the way of smoke coming from the vent on the rear of my smoker. The vent that is on the smoker is very small, maybe...
  12. jmastera

    Adventures in a Super Bowl Brisket

    So here it is, Super Bowl Sunday. If it were not for my love of Que and my new found love for smoking myself I would be sleeping. Anyways, here goes. 2 nights ago I brought home the brisket (albiet a small one - 5lbs) and slathered with mustard and put on my homeaid rub. Let sit for what...
  13. jmastera

    Smoke Hollow

    Anyone out there use a Smoke Hollow Electric from Outdoor Leisure Products? http://www.olp-inc.com/products_smokers_vertical.html I have the 30166E except that mine has 4 racks. It was pruchased at Gander Mountain in Denver. I have used it once and from a beginers standpoint smoke pretty...
  14. jmastera

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I have been a Smoked Meat fanatic for years but had never tasted home smoked anything. I have been reading tips and tales on the net for almost a year in anticipation that I would one day be able to smoke something on my own. For Xmas this year my parents purchased 2 Smoke Hollow Electric...
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