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  1. mike johnson

    ThermoPro TP03A Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer just $9.99

    Just saw this and thought I would share it.
  2. mike johnson

    Here is a cure formula for making bacon

    Just saw this on FB and thought i would share it.Im sure something like this has already been shared but just incase here it is. http://www.realtree.com/timber-2-table/equilibrium-curing-a-better-way-to-make-your-own-bacon-0
  3. mike johnson

    ThermoPro TP07 $30.59 at Amazon right now !

    just saw this and thought I would share it. I have one and it works great.
  4. mike johnson

    My new toy with mods

    Ok. So to start things off I have been looking for a charcoal smoker for a while and I couldn't pass up the deal on this. It is a Dyna-Glo wide body offset smoker. The research I found on this is they loose heat and are hard to move so I fixed those problems. This is what I did. This is what...
  5. mike johnson

    My BBQ Compitition starts tomorrow

    I am defending last years GrandChampion win tomorrow at Huntimer park in Lacey Wa. I will be posting pictures throughout the day tomorrow of my turnins. I hope I do as good this year.
  6. mike johnson

    Smoked Portabella Burger with Q-View

    My wife said she wanted to eat a healthy meal. Since I am a meat eater to heart this is what I made for her. I started with 2 portabela mushrooms and took the stem and gills off. A spoon works the best for removing the gills by giving them a light scrape. I then brushed the mushrooms with...
  7. mike johnson

    My MES40 Element Flip Mod

    My element burned up at the connection so I figured I would try to flip it in the process. Here are my photos of the transformation. Here is the burned up element. After removing the chipbox I was left with this. I was hoping this would still work but the screw bracket was in the way so I...
  8. mike johnson

    Charcoal powered MES40 ? What do you think ?

    I was thinking about buying an offset charcoal smoker but for way less I think it might be possible to build a fire box to heat my old and broken MES40. Do you think that this might be possible? Or should I just fork out the bucks and buy one?
  9. mike johnson

    Battery power airflow/temp regulator

    I am looking for a battery powered temp regulator for a charcoal smoker. I am sure someone here uses one and would like to get a good quality device. If you have a good idea let me know.
  10. mike johnson

    Finaly got my slicer

    I have been looking for a long time and I just scored. I have looking online and at auctions for a while and just won me this little beauty for just over $200. I can't wait to slice up bacon and all the yummy goodies I'm gona start making :grilling_smilie:
  11. mike johnson

    Halibut fishing

    Do any of you fellow Washingtonians have a spare spot on May 9th for the opener? I am more than willing to help with the costs. Just let me know.
  12. mike johnson

    Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

    Incredible. I just may ask for the big set for my birthday.
  13. mike johnson

    One day only 199$ Masterbuilt Smokers ( 2 styles to choose from )

    I thought I would share this Great Deal as soon as I saw it. http://tools.woot.com/?ref=tg_gh_tg_6
  14. mike johnson

    I had a sausage making class in my house today.

    My wife's friends always rave about all the things that I make so I thought I'd have a couple over and have them help make some brats. We made more than 60 lbs. of them. Some Al Pastor with pineapple, garlic basil and jalapeño cheddar. Not a bad day but 5 hours is a long time. My wife took some...
  15. mike johnson

    Masterbuilt 40" Electric smoker with remote $239.99 (1 day only )

    I had to share this amazing deal.Its one day only and only 5$ shipping http://tools.woot.com/?ref=cnt_ft_tg_5
  16. mike johnson

    Casing question

    I bought a pack of pre tubed casings and let them soak for the 24 hours that they recommend. I soaked way to many though and was wondering how long they will last staying soaked in the water. Will they stay good till the weekend or is it going to be a late night tonight grinding and stuffing.
  17. mike johnson

    25lbs of smoked Albacore Tuna.

    Here's about 25lbs of fresh albacore tuna fresh out of the brine. Here it is all smoked up. I used a light flavor brine so the tuna is the main star. It is delicious.
  18. mike johnson

    Are you fishing and where are you going?

    Salmon are starting to run and I thought it would be nice to let our neighbors know where its hot or not. Post your pics and exploits here.
  19. mike johnson

    16 lbs. of cheese in the smoker

    Finally not working on a cool morning. There are going to be lots of happy people around here.
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