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  1. calebstringer

    Bacon made the easy way...

    Thanks for the brine recipe! I have 50 lbs in three five gallon buckets right now. They went in around 5 pm yesterday. In your overview, you say 10-14 days for bellies....I was hoping I could them next Friday (9 days) for a smoke on Saturday. Is this safe or should I leave them? Thanks again!
  2. calebstringer

    Pork Belly Prices

    Woot! Just found a local source...1.79/lb rind on, 1.99/lb rind off. Case minimum order, 5 bellies/ case, ~60 lbs/ case I'm down for that!! Everyone else I called, 3.19-5.09/ lb, one shop was over $8!!
  3. calebstringer

    Pork Belly Prices

    Do you have to be a restaurant or anything to order from Sysco?
  4. calebstringer

    Brisket price

    packer at walmart is 2.68.  Everybody else wants 7.99+
  5. calebstringer

    what happened to the throwdowns!!!

  6. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

     Thanks for all the kind words guys!
  7. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

    thanks bear!
  8. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

    thanks! word of advice on the fatties....roll from a corner so that you can tuck two corners in as you roll and it seals the ends in for ya
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  18. pulled pork

    pulled pork

  19. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

    So the rundown of all that I smoked was: started by firing the beast up at 8pm Saturday night.  It was up to temp in an hour or so, but I waited until 10 to start cooking.  First off was a stew pot with sausage in it to make a smoked gravy.  I like to use the smoker to brown it, then obviously...
  20. calebstringer

    Whats up with my pork??

    uploading pics now.....  :-)
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