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  1. brianj517

    New Build -Trailer mounted reverse flow smoker

    Brother, that thing is a work of art! You are, without a doubt, one of my new heroes! Absolutely awesome! Cheers, Brian
  2. brianj517

    when doing a shoulder...

    Lately, I've been using pineapple juice mixed with a little Capt. Morgans as a spritz...In the pan just plain old water and a couple fresh cut rosemary sprigs.
  3. brianj517

    More babybacks on the drum

    Nice bones! Gotta love those baby backs!
  4. brianj517

    Yesterday's Beef Ribs Qview!

    Spectacular q-view! My keyboard is now covered in drool!!! I think I just decided what to smoke this holiday weekend!
  5. brianj517

    stuffed smoked loin w/mahogany sauce Q-view

    Absolutely stunning q-view! Great job!
  6. brianj517

    1st day with the new Lang Lotsa Pics

    WOW! What a rig! I haven't been around much lately or had much time to post...but, that thing is just way too beautiful to go without commenting. I'm jealous! Cheers, Brian
  7. brianj517


    Welcome to the group, Stan...from the other side of Northern Ohio!! Cheers, Brian
  8. brianj517

    Hello from Ohio

    Nice to meet 'cha, Jason. Glad to have you here. Cheers, Brian
  9. brianj517

    Looking for help

    On your way down I75 if you need a quick fix in either Dayton or Cincinnati...I highly recommend Burbanks...a local radio celeb (Gary Burbank 700WLW) owns the joint and its pretty good stuff. I used to live in Cinci and work in Dayton and ate lunch there once a week, at least. Cheers, Brian
  10. brianj517

    Hello in Ohio

    Welcome to the group, Jerry! We're glad to have you. I'm another Buckeye member from the Akron/Canton area. Where in Ohio do you hail from? Cheers, Brian
  11. brianj517

    good source for good maple?

    Silver, Red, and Sugar Maple grow in abundance around here, practically in my backyard. I know I'm not exactly next door, but if you can't find it a little closer to home, I'd be willing to take a chain saw to some of my "private stock." If I cut it into manageable sized discs or rounds for...
  12. brianj517

    GOSM Greasy Legs...

    Mine does that sometimes, too...no big deal. HD or Lowes sells a heat proof grill pad you can put under it to protect your deck or concrete from stains. Around here, they are displayed with the rest of the grilling tools/accesories. Cheers, Brian
  13. brianj517

    Greetings from Idaho

    Welcome to the group, Spud. We're glad to have you. Where in the famous potato state do you hail from? Although its been many years ago, I spent the majority of my service time at Mt. Home AFB back in the late 80's. Cheers, Brian
  14. brianj517

    Memorial Day Smokin'

    I do have a half dozen slabs of baby backs and ABT's planned for this Sunday, though... Cheers, Brian
  15. brianj517

    Memorial Day Smokin'

    Way to go, Mike! Awesome looking grub! Unfortunatley, no Holiday weekend smoke for me...But that's only 'cause me and the GF took off to Hilton Head for a quick 4 day break...and believe you me...I ate very well...all the fresh oysters, crab legs, and shrimp I could hold!!! Cheers, Brian
  16. brianj517

    Layering Meat Question

    Ditto what Rich said...when smoking a variety of meats, poultry always goes on the bottom!
  17. brianj517

    Rib problem- Tough exterior

    Definitely wait until at least an hour into the smoke before spritzing to let the rub (bark) set a bit. Any earlier and you'll risk rinsing off the good stuff. OK. so you're removing the membrane...that's good. My next advice is to let the racks come to room temp before placing in the smoker...
  18. brianj517

    Rib problem- Tough exterior

    Perhaps you already know this, but since I don't see it mentioned specifically...Did you remove the membrane from the inside curved surface of the ribs? This very important step, if overlooked, will pretty much always result in tough chewy ribs. Cheers, Brian
  19. brianj517

    anyone ever use cherry wood?

    Hmmm...that is strange...cherry is one of my absolute favorites, I use it in almost every cook whether smoking or direct searing/grilling...Great flavor! If you got it on ebay, are you absolutely certain it was cherry? Perhaps it was still a bit green and not very well seasoned?
  20. brianj517

    Daughter is in the NY Times...

    Awesome story! Proof that miracles do happen! As a proud father of two, this really brought an emotional tear of joy to my eye! Cheers, Brian
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