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  1. Scott Eisenbraun

    Sliced Pork Belly

    Looks like a winner, Preacher!
  2. Scott Eisenbraun

    When is it too cold for a pellet smoker??? Or never

    You are tougher than I am. I thought about it, but wussed out at the last minute. We are going to SV an eye of round starting tonight so we can have it French Dips tomorrow.
  3. Scott Eisenbraun


    Same as Chili. I always have something that cooks faster than the main meal for a sneaky snack.
  4. Scott Eisenbraun

    When is it too cold for a pellet smoker??? Or never

    Sonny, can't afford to leave it on year round and heat the house too!
  5. Scott Eisenbraun


    Funny, how you get used to the norms of where you live. Today was about 30, but felt quite warm in a light winter jacket. From what the weatherman says, we're in for below zero temps real soon. Nobody here enjoys that either. What I can't take, is temps above 80 with high humidity.
  6. Scott Eisenbraun

    Pork butt issue

    Welcome to SMF. I'd say you didn't give it enough time to fully cook the meat, to completely melt the connective tissue in the pork. Most of us smoke at 225f to 250f. I've never taken a pork butt off the smoker before it has cooked for at least 12 hrs. Don't worry about it though, every cook is...
  7. Scott Eisenbraun


    Food looked great. So what is considered cold in SE Mississippi? LOL.
  8. Scott Eisenbraun

    Traeger pellet smoker - what's the point of a smoker setting?

    Pellet smokers don't give the food an intense smoke flavor. Since more smoke is produced at lower temps, you can set it at the smoke setting for an hour or more, then turn it up to 225 to 250 until food is finished. You should have a smokier flavor than if you hadn't used the smoke setting.
  9. Scott Eisenbraun

    Tri-tip Carne Asada

    You did a beautiful job as always.
  10. Scott Eisenbraun

    Farm Ribeye

    That ribeye has some intense fat marbling throughout. Had to be super tender. I'd keep your farmer friend in bourbon and cigars.
  11. Scott Eisenbraun

    Tri-tip Carne Asada

    Looks like meat heaven to me!
  12. Scott Eisenbraun

    Always looking for great idea.

    Welcome from ND.
  13. Scott Eisenbraun

    How to Intensify Flavor in Sauce?

    Maybe we'll see Preacher Man BBQ Sauce on the store shelves pretty soon.
  14. Scott Eisenbraun

    Picked up some lamb T-bones

    That's a good price for American lamb. All I find around here is New Zealand lamb which is supposed to be stronger flavored. But we love em grilled hot and fast. You could take off smoker before 140 and finish with a sear in a super hot pan for a minute per side.
  15. Scott Eisenbraun

    How to Intensify Flavor in Sauce?

    Make the beer your first ingredient, double the usual amount and reduce by half. Add the rest of the ingredients as usual. Should end up with the same consistency.
  16. Scott Eisenbraun

    When is it too cold for a pellet smoker??? Or never

    I grill and smoke at below zero temps. Without a thermal jacket though, the pellet consumption is crazy. I now leave it on year round with no issues.
  17. Scott Eisenbraun

    I’m smoking some Wong’s and ribs today

    As long as your smoking at 225 to 300, it will be fine. I use butter a lot when cooking indirect.
  18. Scott Eisenbraun

    New guy

    Welcome from ND.
  19. Scott Eisenbraun

    Early Christmas Summer Sausage

    Very nice!
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