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    Hello from MO!

    Howdy neighbor, got a brother in Kearney. Happy smokimg looking forward to some q-view
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    Surf & Turf.....It's what's for dinner! with Q-View

    That all looks a gazillion times better than the bacon and eggs I had for dinner!  YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM
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    My first smoke! tell me what ya think!

    got any sliced pics? what type of wood? looks very good
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    Pastrami from the begining, update It's finally done!!

    I just picked up 2 corned beef briskets for 1.28/lb. Gonna do one as pastrami. Making corned beef and cabbage later in the week.  And get it all to myself cuz the boys won't eat it, their loss!  When I did a pastrami search I used the wiki which lead me to jeffs newsletter from 2/2010 and all...
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    Smoked my first meat for the first time yesterday!!!

    Congratulations on the first smoke! You will be wanting to do this all the time
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    What A Great Site!

    Welcome to the site.  We always like a good build thread with lots of detail.  And then we demand qview of that first smoke off that build!  Some great info here isn't there.  One could get lost for days looking at the amazing food and smokers these folks come up with.  You will have a never...
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    2/20/11~Pulled Pork Bread (2 ways)

    Those both look good. Nice job
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    Major Winter Storm Bears Down On KC

    Yay, was told not to come to work today! Although we did go in play in the snow last night. And since not a soul was out and about went to Walmart.  That was the most pleasurable Walmart experience cuz no one was there!!!  I think today we may need to go sledding!
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    First try at snack sticks...One picture.

    Watch out with the shoe comments!!!  You need the right shoe for the right look.  I should add new ones to my list of things that I am getting with the nice chunk of change my husband just gave me!!! I had only been thinking of what somer accessories I needed!
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    Thats one big hunk o' meat! Looks good Am I the only one that caught his "rub" comment? Or am I the only one tacky enough to point it out?
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    For those dealing with the snow and nasty weather

    Out the front door. Ignore that tricycle in the front yard! Thats the oldest boy out there shoveling.  He seems to enjoy it! And out the back door.
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    Major Winter Storm Bears Down On KC

    So not looking forward to this.  They even let the kids out of school early today.  This morning at work, had a truck driver fall right on his *** on our front walk. My husband is driving back from Jeff City with a new truck he bought, just called and said the roads were a bit slick so it will...
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    Weather not looking good.. Better get my boots and shovel ready..

    See? Now why do you have to go there!?!?!?! ( as I sit here in long johns, sweatshirt, huddled under a blanket) Thats just not right
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    Enough bacon already....can't take anymore

    Over the limit on bacon? I'm pretty sure that's blasphemy around here!
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    Beef Ribs & Fatties

    Apple crisp was done in the oven. Will have to try the smoker sometime
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    Beef Ribs & Fatties

    Had a couple of friends request some fatties and didn't want to leave the smoker lonely so did some beef ribs too.  All smoked with hickory.  Temps around 250 for the duration ribs rubbed (both with Big Rons Rub) Fatties. Local store's breakfast sausage about 1 1/2 lbs each.  On the left is...
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