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  1. joed617

    Back fo a bit.

    Hi Guys  and Gals, It's been some time since I've been here. The BBQ restaurant is closed and I am retired. Smoking meat for a hobby is better than smoking meat at a restaurant. I was smoking 40 tons of meat a year ... yep 40 tons not a typo.  Retired now so I can slow down and enjoy the hobby...
  2. joed617

    meat err meet Bertha my smoker

    956 lbs and will cook 400lbs at a time .. Joe
  3. joed617

    Smoked Rib Eye and beef ribs from way back

    I love beef!
  4. joed617

    Meat errr Meet Bertha ... My baby !

    Ribs in action .. almost done
  5. joed617

    Andouille Sausage

    We make about 35 to 40 lbs a week .. the photo is before they are measured and tied off and placed in the walk in to dry the casing out. I then cold smoke them for 2 hours and then hot smoke at 175 deg until done .. I give it the pinch test if the meat in the casing is firm and they have a nice...
  6. joed617

    Fire on the Bayou!

     Blackened catfish over a bed of rice, surrounded bu sauteed spinach and garlic with a cream andouille drizzle.. Yum Yum !!!
  7. joed617

    The Twins !

    I smoked a few pigs <actually 4>  they came out great ..!!!
  8. joed617

    Just Stopping By..

    Haven't posted here in some time .. Just wanted to say hello. I'm recovering from a major heart attack.. I can't eat the food I make as much as I would like to now.. but hey ... I can still sample and create. I posted a photo of a turducken I made for TG .. and a dessert photo in the desserts...
  9. joed617

    Bourbon bacon brownie with home homemade Maple, Bacon brittle icecream with bacon nut brittle on top

    We had a Bacon Week at the restaurant and it went well ...
  10. joed617

    Back to Cooking Turducken

    It's been a while due to a heart attack almost a year ago I haven't been around much.  This past Thanksgiving I made a Turducken .. I made soup stock with the turkey and chicken bones and meat and made a Duck demi glace' with the duck bones. here is a link to some pics in putting it all...
  11. joed617

    It's been a long while

    Hello to everyone, It's been a long time but I actually have the day off and figured I'd check in. Hope everyone is well and keeping the smoke out of thier eyes .. Joe
  12. joed617

    Happy Birthday Cajun_1

    Have great day on your Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe
  13. joed617

    Happy Birthday Monty

    Happy Birthday Monty, I'll be raisning a cold one in your honor tonight. Stay well and healthy. Your Capricorn Bro, Joe
  14. joed617

    Prime Rib

    Hi Folks, It's been a while since I posted any pics. I haven't been smokin' much lately and had a chance to do so on Thanksgiving, I'm not a big turkey fan and I love my BEEF. Hope ya like the pics.. I smoked a prime rib for 3 hours and finished it off in the oven due to the rain and wind...
  15. joed617

    Hi to all the new members

    Hi folks, Welcome to SMF.. I been busy and haven't been online much and I see there are many new members so instead of writting a welcome to all of you one at a time I thought this would work. Hope you enjoy your stay, there are alot of great folks here willing to lend a hand, answer question or...
  16. joed617

    I need some feed back

    Hi folks, I been looking at a FRIEDRICH FMP 400 smoking oven, it uses wood chips. anybody know of this oven.. any comments would be helpful.. here is the link http://www.friedrichmetalproducts.com/roaster.htm Thanks in advance, Joe
  17. joed617

    Happy Birthday Cajunsmoker

    Hey Rodger, Have a great day and enjoy your Birthday .. hope you have many mnay more .. Raising a cup of Joe to your health <too early for beer> Joe
  18. joed617


    Hi folks .. I been honored to judge in a bbq in Mashpee MA. next weekend .. Things have been hectic for me as some of you know. I'm kinda shocked that I would be asked .. what do I know :) Anyway .. just keeping you all posted because I haven't been Q'ing for a few weeks and looks like this...
  19. joed617

    Italian cookies

    A SWEET STORY ABOUT ITALIAN COOKIES... > > This is for all the Italians out there, and those who are lucky enough to be > married to an Italian, and even to all the friends of Italians. > > An elderly Italian man lay dying in his bed. While suffering the agonies of > impending death, he...
  20. joed617

    Restaurant search

    Hi Guy's, Some of you know that the wife and I have been looking to open a restuarant and blues club. We went out lastnight to visit a small club 42 seats and a patio that holds another 20. It's close to major hospitals, colleges, banks and lots of foot traffic. Anyway we had dinner thier...
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