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  1. codymcgee

    Corned Beef. first try

    I got a corned beef flat from kroger and it's on the smoker stuck at about 140 right now. this is the first one i have done and Im wondering if i should just pull it at 165 or foil it like a pork butt? what do you guys think.
  2. codymcgee

    what to do for big game

    ok it's now 9:38am here in KY and I need to put something on the smoker today for the game. my plan was to do some pulled pork but I drink a few too many brews before during and after the UK game and never went to the store to get my butt lol so I still want to do a butt but that takes about 12...
  3. codymcgee

    Creole Butter injection?

    I plan on doin a Butt tomorrow. I've done a few but I have never injected one so today i got the cajun injector with creole butter. does this go well with pork butt? I'm going to inject tonight and put it on the smoker early tomorrow morning
  4. codymcgee

    Pitmasters tonight

    for those of you who like the show(I know many don't)just a reminder that a new one is on tonight from tlc "The competition heats up in the northeast, even as temperatures fall at the Diamond State BBQ Championship in Dover, DE. Harry's former teammate, Gary, competes on his own and Tuffy does...
  5. codymcgee

    butt question

    butt has been on for almost 4 hours at 250 and just hit 128..what the hell is goin on here? will it be ok being below 140 for that long?.
  6. codymcgee

    my first chicken today some ?s

    ok I've got a 4.12lb whole chicken that brined all night and I'm ready to smoke this thing. before i start I have a few questions should i spray the bird every hour and what should i use for a spray? My temps won't get higher then 250f so I'm worried about the skin. could I finish in a 350f...
  7. codymcgee

    experamental spray

    so i got a small cooked ham today to throw on the smoker and I wanted to try something diffrent to spray it with..I used mustard and my rub and made a spray with apple juice blackberry jelly and some yam glaze mix that has all kinds of sweet stuff in it including molasses I simmered the mix...
  8. codymcgee

    chicken in ECB

    ok so i wan't to do a whole chicken in my electric ECB with runs at a constant 250. my concern is that the skin will turn into rubber at that temp..any suggestions?
  9. codymcgee

    spare ribs again

    got a rack of spareribs on the ECB about to go into foil. doing a 3-2-1 last time they turned out awesome i hope i get the same results. made a rub with 3 tsp - paprika 2 tsp - ground red pepper 2 tsp - ground black pepper 2 tsp - garlic powder 1/2 tsp - ground sage 1 tsp - cinnamon first...
  10. codymcgee

    back ribs

    got some loin back ribs on the ECB.. got them on sale at kroger. they're not the best looking ribs I have seen, a little on the fatty side but I got three half racks for 7 bucks so who can complain. gonna do a 2-2-1 for the first time and see how things go. got them rubbed with a Memphis style...
  11. codymcgee


    smoked over apple for about 2 hr but it's so cold here the ecb wouldn't get her temp pass 148 so i finished in the oven to 160. sorry about the pic..flash stoped working on my cam as you can see it didn't take long for people to start eatin it
  12. codymcgee

    Country style rib ?s

    so I plan on doing some CSRs on the ECB because lets face it they're freakin awesome. sadly I haven't had much success smoking these. I searched the forum and got mixed answers lol. some say to pull at 180 some say 155-165 and some say just to do the 3-2-1..so which would be best for some...
  13. codymcgee

    boston butt

    so my dad got this big ol boston butt for mom to cook in her new slow cooker with taters and such..only problem was that she had to cut it in half to fit it in there..so she gave me the other half for the smoker. with it being cut in halfwill it have any effect on cooking it? like would it dry...
  14. codymcgee

    itty bitty tenderloin

    picked up a .80# pork tenderloin for $3 lol..throwin her on the smoker with some apple chips in a while..Qview coming soon! shouldn't take very long since it's under a pound.
  15. codymcgee

    spare ribs

    all rubbed down and ready to go..got some runnin to do then on to the ECB they go.
  16. codymcgee

    another fatty and some ABTs

    pics as soon as i get it ready.. stuffing the fatty with Colby-jack, diced potatoes and peppers. gonna stuff the turds with cream cheese, colby-jack then wrap em in bacon
  17. codymcgee

    first tenderloin

    Smoked with a little hickory for about 2 1/2 hours to about 160f. very good flavor and pretty tender even tho i cooked it a little longer then i wanted..my little girl has been giving me hell all day and she made it a little hard on daddy while cooking..it's all good tho
  18. codymcgee

    brinkman electric in winter

    well I'll make this short. I plan on smoking a pork tenderloin tomorrow and the high here in sheep-town KY is gonna be 42. will this have a big effect on my brinkman electrics temp? or do i need to wrap it in some insulation?
  19. codymcgee

    fattie newbie

    I've rolled a few fatties in my day but never any made of meat so anyway I've had one on the smoker for about an hour and a half it's and I just checked the temp it's at about 145f..so when should i pull it? i figured 160 but I'm new to all this
  20. codymcgee

    hello eveyone

    new to the forums figured I'd say hello. only been experimenting with smoking for a few months on a cheap brinkman charcoal smoker and havn't had much luck with it even after i modded it..so now i just use it as a grill. I went out yesterday and got me en electric brinkman on sale for 69 bucks...
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