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    MES 40 Mod

    I've had my smoker for about 4 yrs, One of the first before they started having problems. The last few smokes I've noticed some wild temp swings 10-15 degrees sometimes 20. If I set it at 250 will run up to 265 then shut off untill 240 back up again. It's digital so can't attribute it to...
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    Cooking Ribeye Roast

    Thanks for the replies, I'll try one in thr coming week sometime,
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    Cooking Ribeye Roast

    I've been buying whole ribeys at Sams Club for several months and aging them in the UMAi dry bags which works out well tenderizing them. All you can get at Sams is choice which aren't all that tender. I was thinking of doing a ribeye roast on the grill but really don't know the procedure. I...
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    Freezing ribs??

    When all my local grocery stores put them on sale they have in tiny print at the bottom "previously frozen". I get mine at Sams in a three pack, trim them up and cook one or two and freeze the rest. They are good 5 to 6 mos. frozen.
  5. Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

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    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    I know it was a long time ago when I initally posted this but thought I needed to give the final result. Due to suggestions I went with 4 10lb butts (which was right on guys) figured on a 24hr cook with 4hrs smoke.I didn't lose as much due to shrinkage as I thought I would and had just enough...
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    Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey Fryer

    I initally cooked 2 cornish hens in mine and they came out perfect, tried a roasting chicken last night and it also came out excellent. " and now the rest of the story" It was about 40 degrees outside on the car port, kept the lid on the entire cooking time checking it occasionally. I let the...
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    Beware of Bradley Smokers

    I started my electric experience with a Bradley,(used an offset box Brinkman for yrs) only took me a few smokes to realize I needed something for the temp control. I got an Auber dual control PID , controlled the temp just great but I needed a higher wattage burner. I saw the MES 40 at Sams...
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    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    Thanks guys I appreciate the advice.
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    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    So you think another 10 lber would be in order, I can understand that and is no problem I have about 10, 10lbers in the freezer. All of them came from the meatcase when they were on sale (went from store to store all over town looking for the big ones), I guess the reason I thought 3 would do as...
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    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    I've been asked to supply the pulled pork for our Fall Festival at the church. I need enough for 100 people going thru the line (will be poretioning out meat on the bun), I figure 3 10lb butts will do the job accounting for fat loss and shrinkage I should end up with 22 to 23 lbs of meat. I've...
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    What does everyone think of Sam's club meats?

    We buy all our meat at Sam's here in Asheville (WNC) it's cheaper than any of the local grocery stores even when they have it on sale. Walmart meats while they may be good are insanely priced even if it has a money back guarntee.
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    It's all your fault! I hate you all.

    First rule of marriage " if mama ain't happy nobody is happy"
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    So.. the Bradley seems to be a no go... Where to go from here?

    Return the bradley and get a MES40, the drawback to the bradley is the heating element, open it on a cold day and it takes it 15 or 20 minutes to get back up to temp (the MES 7 to 8 mins. The MES has almost twice as much room, sturdier racks, a temp probe and a much sturdier box on the outside...
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    Any Interest In A NC Gathering?

    I was actually looking for a place to park my popup camper, maybe at a nearby cmpgrd.
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    Any Interest In A NC Gathering?

    Alelover, any nearby campgrounds in your vicinity, was thinking of bringing my MES40 it'll fit in the back of my pickup.
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    Grilling chops and brining (with Q-view)

    Any special preparation for the lamb chops?
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    Where in NC are you hailing from?

    I live in Weaverville, it's near Asheville. As for the gathering I'm IN!
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