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  1. Chasec5308

    TikTok made me do it

    Come across an easy recipe on TikTok and had to try it. I took a boneless pork roast, butterflied it, seasoned it up real good and then took a bag of jalapeño Cheetos put them in a food processor and crushed them up. I then put the crushed up Chips on the pork roast to make a “crust” and...
  2. Chasec5308

    wedding party

    Hey yall. I dont post much but i do alot of reading and im needing some advice. Ive been tasked with smoking a massive 19lb boston butt for a wedding party (to be honest i didnt know boston butts got that big haha). The party is saturday night so with that being said how should i approach...
  3. Chasec5308

    BBQ guru WSM 22.5

    hey guys i just recently purchased a BBQ GURU DYNA Q. I decided to try it out today on a 14 lb brisket. I got my WSM set up for minion method using 10 lit kingsford coals surrounded by a basket full of unlit coals. I set my bbq guru pit temp at 225 degrees with all vents closed except the top...
  4. Chasec5308

    Stuffed pork loin

    Hey guys/gals I haven’t posted in a while and haven’t gotten to smoke anything either. I had a free schedule today so I decided to throw some pork loins on the smoker. I stuffed them with jalapeños and cream cheese and it turned out great. Also it was my first time using my new bbq guru dyna q...
  5. Chasec5308

    Trouble getting temp down on WSM

    Hey guys/gals. So far im loving my new WSM and todays cook will make my 3rd cook on it. But something ive struggled with so far on every cook is getting the temp down to where i want it. I started with the vents all the way open then after a little while i shut them down about half way and the...
  6. Chasec5308

    got my WSM today

    hey guys/gals. I received my WSM today and so far it seems like a solid unit. While i was assembling it i noticed the door has a big gap between it and the middle section of the smoker when its latched. I was just wondering if this was normal or its something i should contact weber about. It...
  7. Chasec5308

    seasoning weber smokey mountain

    hey guys i just purchased a WSM smoker this weekend ( It should be here wednesday) and im wanting to cook on it this weekend. I've watched youtube videos and read on google about seasoning it and im finding differing opinions. Some say you should, others say it isnt necessary. I trust yalls...
  8. Chasec5308

    2nd try at ribs.

    I put some ribs on at about 615 this morning and i am more than pleased with how they turned out. I dont even technically have a "smoker" yet but i am using a cheap walmart charcoal grill to smoke my meat until i can get a smoker. The ribs turned out great and the wife approves. I smoked them at...
  9. Chasec5308

    new to smoking

    hey yall im new here and new to smoking in general. I'm wanting to buy a smoker but im not really sure what exactly i need because of my limited experience. I've smoked a brisket and a slab of ribs on a super cheap charcoal grill i have and i enjoyed it and want to make it something i do...
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