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  1. lspilot82

    Trying to get back into the brisket game

    Hey fellers and ladies,I really haven't been here in awhile, just been lurking a bit. I did post a few weeks ago when I made some Chuckie Burnt endies, but that was it. So I'm trying to get back into things. Boy has it been a while since I threw down on some brisket, but I figured it's time to...
  2. lspilot82

    Chuckie Burnt ends

    I decided to do some burnt ends for mother's day, so I decided on the Chuck roast route. Marinated them all night with Jeff's rub and that Worcestershire sauce. Then onto the smoker at 530 am. So far so good. They are looking rather yummy.
  3. lspilot82

    It's been a while

    Haven't been here in awhile, so I figured I stop by and show off a little food porn. I don't have a smoker anymore, so I'm using this gas grill with an offset approach, and this nifty square ama-Z-en tube wannabe, which works just fine. As you can see I have some bacon wrapped yumminess as well...
  4. lspilot82

    Desperate times call for desperate measures

    Thats right, yes thats a picture of two beautiful butts along side an A-Maze-N-Smoker in my oven. My pressure regulator went out on my propane smoker, and I dont have time to go get a new one. Its a good thing the wife is at work. I wouldn't be able to get away with this had she been here. Lol...
  5. lspilot82

    Cooking for a wedding

    My sister asked me to cook for her wedding reception friday, and I told her no problem. She said that I can make whatever I'd like, so we are doing pulled pork and chicken, along with 3 or 4 sides. Only issue I see is my smoker is small. So I'm going to have to do everything starting today...
  6. lspilot82

    Restaurant opportunity

    Hey guys, I have a opportunity to start a little restaurant and would like some ideas. First, I'll give you a run down of the opportunity and location. Its located in a gas station, but there is no seating inside. There is some picnic tables outside though. The place comes with deep fryers, flat...
  7. lspilot82

    Which A-Maze-N-Smoker do I need plus other questions.

    Hey guys I was asked to cook for a wedding reception for next saturday and I want to produce the best goodies possible. The last couple smokes I haven't been to happy with my results. I have a ECB electric and I have been using chunks. It seems that im getting to much smoke and instead of the...
  8. lspilot82

    My 1st bacon...hope all goes well.

    Hey guys, I've been posting on the board for awhile now and have always enjoyed the info I received on here. So I decided to try to make some bacon. I went to the local butcher here in Lakeland FL. and purchased 10 pounds of pork belly @ $2.99 a pound, good deal I think. Anyway, I've decided to...
  9. lspilot82

    Time to get back into the game!!!

    I haven't been able to smoke anything in well over a year due to the fact that I've been working all over the country. It's really been killing me not being able to smoke some good eats. Well finally I'm able to again. I got a local job which lets me be home every night now. Anyway, I decided...
  10. lspilot82

    Trucker has the smoking bug!!!

    Ever since I'e changed careers and became an over the road trucker, i havent been able to smoke as much as I wouldv liked. In fact I havent smoked anything in 6 months and its killing me. Being stuck in a small truck isnt the most ideal situation for someone who loves to smoke. Boy do I miss the...
  11. lspilot82

    I'm getting good pullback after 3 hours.

    Hey guys I have a question. I have a couple racks of spares on the EECB, they've been on since 1:15, I just checked them and they have some good pull back, looks like 1/4 inch or so. Im not wrapping them and just gonna let them ride out. I was hoping they be done at 7:15 or 7:30, looks like they...
  12. lspilot82

    Advice for the BCS Championship night!!! Roll Tide!!!

    Guys once again I am turning to my brothers and sisters in BBQ to help me make a decision. I have been asked to cook for the monday night BCS championship game. I'm going to do 3 racks of Louis and a 7-8 pound butt. Here is my thing, I don't know whether or not I should do the 3-2-1 with the...
  13. lspilot82

    Dilemma!!! I'm all out of wood...NOOOOOOOO

    Title says it all guys. I thought I had some wood left, in fact I know I had some wood left, but upon looking for it i was unable to find it. Then I remembered that it's in the trunk of my car which is about 3 hours away due to my woman visiting with family. So now I have this rack of BB's all...
  14. lspilot82

    I want my Baby backs!!!!

    While strolling through my local Winn Dixie store yesterday I came across some Smithfield vacuum sealed baby backs. I'm not usually one to buy baby backs cause of the price and I do prefer spares better, but after closer inspection i noticed that they were on sale for $3.99 a pound, which still...
  15. lspilot82

    Can I do the 3 tonight, and do the 2-1 tomorrow?

    Hey guys I am doing 3 racks of St. Louis's tomorrow for our family get together and due to some time constraints and laziness on my part, (I don't wanna get up at 6am to put the ribs on)I was wondering if i could go ahead and do the 3 hours now on the smoker, wrap them up tonight with the juice...
  16. lspilot82

    No smoke ring!!!! Whats the dealio?

    Hey guys the last couple times I've done some ribs I havent been able to produce a smoke ring...it baffles me. They seem to have plenty of smoke flavor and boy aren't they good, but they have had no smoke ring. So what could the problem be? I give them plenty of smoke and have plenty of water in...
  17. lspilot82

    Do I have enough Food for everyone.

    My 4th of July party ended up getting canceled due to a friend having emergency surgery so now I have a uncooked butt and some chicken legs I have to get rid of. Anyway I was thinking about cooking it for my class at school. All the food would be for is a quick little lunch and not to gorge out...
  18. lspilot82

    My 1st Chuckie.....what a day!!!!!

    Well guys after posting my other thread, I, with help of you guys have decided to do a chuck roast. So I awoke early this morning and set out on a mission to find the perfect chuckie. I was looking for one that wasnt to little and one that wasnt to expensive since im on a budget. My 1st two...
  19. lspilot82

    Mayo Slathered Whole Chicken!!!!!!

    I haven't done a whole chicken in awhile on the smoker because I dont like the way the skin comes out so usually Ill just roast one...but today I feel like doing on and decided since Ive read so much about putting mayo on one, I decided to do it that way to see how she turns out. 1st I brined...
  20. lspilot82

    HELP!!!! I'm torn and dont know what to do!!!

    Well guys I've been wanting to do some kind of pulled beef and dont know which way I shall go with this. On one hand I think brisket would be awesome for this but the last time I tried brisket it turned out ok but not what I expected. I cooked it all together and didnt separate the flat from the...
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