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  1. captainjosh

    SV/Smoked Pastrami

    I’ve got a 4lb Eye of Round Curing in TQ and brown Sugar w/ some ground up pickling spice added. Any thoughts on times and temp on the smoke and SV, and smoke first or SV first?
  2. captainjosh

    Ornamental cherry?

    My father has a bunch of ornamental cherry trees bordering his yard that my grandfather called flowering cherries. The trees have died and need to be removed. Does anyone know if this would make good wood for smoking. I’ve never seen where they produce any fruit, just an ornamental I guess.
  3. captainjosh

    Smoked Ham Hocks (dry cured)

    I had 8 fresh hocks from a Lions Club sausage sale/ hog killing, so I cured them for 9 days using TQ and brown sugar. I took them out yesterday and rinsed, patted dry, then dusted them w/ CBP O & G. Fired up the smoker and put them in on 100deg for the first hour using hickory chips. Smoked...
  4. captainjosh

    Cabot cheese...round 2

  5. captainjosh

    First cheese smoke w/ pics

    I bought about 8 blocks last week to try smoking cheese for the first time. Smoked for about 3.5 hrs with apple chips and pellets in my MES 30, using my Masterbuilt external smoke generator set-up. I cycled the heat on every so often and stayed between about 40-60 degrees, ambient temp was 30...
  6. captainjosh

    My First bacon attempt

    I smoked this bacon a while back, but I am just getting around to posting. On this smoke I used Hi Mountain’s BBB cure, because it’s what I had handy. I cut up around 11lbs if shoulder and dry cured for 14 days. I pulled the bacon out, rinsed off the cure and did a fry test...way too salty...
  7. captainjosh

    Water in smoker pan?

    When warm smoking bacon, should I keep water in my water pan? I'm trying to maintain avg temp of 120 deg for 12 hrs. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. captainjosh

    1st post

      Hi everyone!  I'm a former charter fishing captain from the eastern shore of MD.  I love to smoke fish, as well as ribs, chicken, turkey, wild game, and I love butt steaks.  I'm  an avid hunter and fisherman and love to make jerky and snack sticks.  I am interested in smoking venison bologna...
  9. captainjosh

    Cold Smoke Attachment for MES 30

      Has anyone tried the cold smoke attachment for the MES 30?  I got one for my birthday back  he beginning of December and haven't tried it yet.  I wanted it to cold smoke fish, bacon, cheese, etc.  I have not had good luck getting my masterbuilt to put out much smoke below 190-200 deg, and...
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