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  1. hawgrider

    First time making bacon

    Next time try cold smoking it. The results are much better.
  2. hawgrider

    First Cheese

    Well who started this ridicules trend of having to wait months to be able to eat the cheese you smoke for crying out loud? Dumbest thing I've ever heard I see tons of cheese threads here with the same so called cheese heads repeating the same crap.... wait months wait a year how dumb! Back off...
  3. hawgrider

    First Cheese

    Wait a month? That's ridicules. I smoked 4lbs of horseradish cheese for 5 hours on Saturday using apple and have been eating it since it came out of the smoker you people who think you have to wait months and years to eat your smoked cheese are either doing it wrong or just freakin stupid!
  4. hawgrider

    Are my spareribs taking too long to cook?

    For fool proof ribs try the 3, 2, 1 method. 225-250 3 hours uncovered 2 hours covered 1 hour uncovered
  5. hawgrider

    Cold smoking raw eggs

    Hard boil them remove shell cold smoke for 3 hours and enjoy the best deviled eggs, eggs salad you've ever had. Smoking with the shell on is.... Useless.
  6. hawgrider

    Casing life

    Brine solution is not the way or necessary to store them. Put them back in original package or a heavy duty ziplock and cover well with Kosher salt(no liquid) you cant over salt these so pour it on and store refrigerated.
  7. hawgrider

    Smoked some Salt.

    Smoked salt is great. I normally use Himalayan course ground. Remember stir stir stir and stir some more. I smoke for about 3 to 4 hours with hickory. hickory is pretty strong but with weeks passing the smoke will dissipate from the salt so go strong and long.
  8. hawgrider

    Cold smoke or hot smoke bacon?

    Cold smoked is how bacon was meant to be. If you are hot smoking it you may as well just make BBQ pork belly .
  9. hawgrider

    Cheese So What is Your Favorite Kind?

    Boarshead horse radish cheese smoked with cherry is the bomb!
  10. hawgrider

    Colder weather = smoked cheese

    Great assortment!
  11. hawgrider

    Cheese time!

    Cherry is the perfect smoke for cheese. With cherry its pretty hard to over smoke. The people that claim you have to wait weeks and months before they can eat it crack me up! My cheese smoked with cherry is ready to eat the next day. Nice work!
  12. hawgrider

    Smoking bacon

    Thick 12 lbs + bellies I end up having to cure for about 12 to 14 days.
  13. hawgrider

    What wine goes with smoked brisket?

    No sense of humor eh! Grab a glass of bourbon then. It will help.
  14. hawgrider

    What wine goes with smoked brisket?

    " What wine goes with smoked brisket?" What? with brisket LOL Oh lawd no! Be a real man and throw the wine out and crack a beer or fetch a glass of bourbon.
  15. hawgrider

    Sirloin cap aka Brazilian Picanha

    Just ask your butcher for a sirloin cap. They are better than a tri tip. Nice big fat cap on this cut vs tri tip. Lots of marbling too.
  16. hawgrider

    Maiden run new OK Joe Highland

    Missed the duck description. I use the same grill/smoker a wood fire is easier to maintain in those than charcoal. So how was the skin on the ducks then?
  17. hawgrider

    Sirloin cap aka Brazilian Picanha

    This sirloin cap is about 2.8 lbs I barely had to trim this one. Nice thick fat cap on top. Cut across the grain for strips roll and stuff some sticks thru it. Apply course salt like you mean it! And that's it the beef is the star of this show. I'm going to add some smoke with pecan and apple...
  18. hawgrider

    Maiden run new OK Joe Highland

    Looks great but low and slow chicken will have shoe leather for skin. Next time you do chicken try around 350 + degrees for crispy skin. And leave some gap or get rid of that foil so the smoke rolls thru there better.
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